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Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2019

Hyolyn (효린)

She was the leader and main vocalist of girl group SISTAR and the sub-unit SISTAR 19. She is also a member of the one-time unit Dazzling RED. In November 13th 2017, Hyolyn announced her own label, Bridge.

LOVE & HATE [Album] (2013.11.26)
1. Lonely
2. Neo Bakke Molla (One way love) (너 밖에 몰라)
3. Sarang Hajima (Don't love me) (사랑 하지 마)
4. Stalker (feat Mad Clown) (스토커)
5. Massage (feat Dok2) (마사지)
6. Closer
7. Lipstick Jitge Bareugo (feat. ZICO of Block B) (립스틱 짙게 바르고; Red Lipstick)
8. Falling
9. O.M.G (feat Lil Boi of Geeks)
10. Oneul Bam (오늘 밤; Tonight)

HYOLYN SET UP TIME #1 내일할래 (To Do List) [Digital Single] (2018.02.06)
1. 내일할래 (To Do List)

Dally [Digital Single] (2018.04.23)
1. Dally (달리) (feat. GRAY)

Bada Boleo Gallae (바다 보러 갈래) [Digital Single] (2018.07.20)
1. Bada Boleo Gallae (바다 보러 갈래; I'm Going to See the Sea)

BAE [Digital Single] (2018.08.16)
1. BAE

#xhyolynx [Digital Single] (2019.05.23)
1. 니가 더 잘 알잖아 (youknowbetter)

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