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Samstag, 22. Dezember 2018

Jessica (제시카)

She left the group in September 2014 to pursue individual activities

SM Entertainment (2007-2015)
Coridel Entertainment (2016-present)

Sweet Delight [Digital Single] (2010.10.13)
1. Sweet Delight (SPC Ver.)
2. Sweet Delight (Radio Edit)
3. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (SPC Ver.)
4. Sweet Delight (East4A QM Mix) (Radio Edit)
5. Sweet Delight (Inst.)
6. Sweet Delight (East4a QM Mix) (Inst.)

With Love, J [Mini Album] (2016.05.17)
1. Fly feat. Fabolous
2. Big Mini World
3. Falling Crazy in Love
4. Love Me the Same
5. Golden Sky
6. Dear Diary

Wonderland [Mini Album] (2016.12.10)
1. Wonderland
2. Dancing On the Moon
3. Celebrate
4. World of Dreams
5. Beautiful
6. Tonight

Wonderland NHR Remix [Digital Mini Album] (2017.07.21)
1. Wonderland (Ferry Remix)
2. Wonderland (Ferry VIP Remix)
3. Wonderland (Punch$ound Remix)
4. Wonderland (TPA Remix)
5. Fly (Beatrappa Remix)
6. Dancing On the Moon (Beatrappa Remix)

My Decade [Mini Album] (2017.08.09)
1. Summer Storm
2. Beautiful Mind
3. Saturday Night
4. Love U
5. Starry Night
6. Bomiraseo Geurae (봄이라서 그래; Because It's Spring)

One More Christmas [Digital Single] (2018.12.14)
1. One More Christmas

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