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Freitag, 7. Dezember 2018

Eru (이루)

He debuted in 2005 with the album Begin to Breath, which received a lukewarm response. However, the release of his second album, LEVEL II, was well-received, helping him win several Bonsang awards at the year-end music awards.

Begin to Breath [Album] (2005.09.059
1. 다시 태어나도 ("If I Was Reborn")
2. 미안해 ("Sorry")
3. 숨은 추억 찾기 ("Finding Lost Memories")
4. 어떡해 ("What Do I Do?")
5. 말해요 ("Speak")
6. 내가 닮은 사람 ("The Similar Person")
7. 돌아갈 수 만 있다면 ("If I Could Go Back")
8. Life
9. 모르잖아요 ("You Don't Know")
10. 영원 그 다음까지... ("Until Forever After")
11. 내내 ("My My")

LEVEL II [Album] (2006.09.16)
1. 까만안경
2. 돌아와 내게
3. 늦지 않기를..
4. I’ll Promise
5. 떠나가
6. With You
7. 가슴앓이
8. 흰눈
9. 사랑하니까
10. 옥경이

Eru Returns [Album] (2007.09.19)
1. Two because
2. Did you love
3. Wintering
4. Of love, a sad story
5. Mannequin
6. I love
7. Mask
8. Happiness is
9. Her crying
10 Word
11 Greetings

Mannequin (Eru Returns Repackage) (마네킹) [Digital Single] (2008.02.01)
1. 마네킹 (Chorus Edit)
2. 손수건

Majimak Concert (마지막 콘서트) [Digital Single] (2008.03.28)
1. Majimak Konseoteu (feat. MC Mong, Brian, Mithra Jin) (마지막 콘서트; Last Concert)
2. Hollo Doendaneun Geot (홀로 된다는 것; To Be Alone)

Got To Be [Album] (2010.08.19)
1. Time (Feat. Shorry J)
2. Hayeon Nunmul (하얀 눈물; White Tears)
3. Gobaek (고백; Confession)
4. Neujeun Huhwi (늦은 후회; After Being Late
5. Sarang Melody (사랑 멜로디; Love Melody)
6. Dasi Saranhanda Malhaedo (다시 사랑한다 말해도; Even If I Say I Love You Again)
7. If Only…
8. Saenggakhaebwayo (생각해봐요; Think About It) (Feat. Joohee)
9. Naega Mibda (내가 밉다; I Hate You)
10. Ibyeolmajeo Saranghaejulke (이별마저 사랑해줄게; Love Me Even If We Separate)
11. Sarangeul Mideoyo (사랑을 믿어요; I Believe In Love)
12. Hayeon Nunmul (하얀 눈물; White Tears) (Inst.)

Feel Brand New [Mini Album] (2011.04.27)
1. Chonseuleobgo Yuchihage (촌스럽고 유치하게; Countrified And Immature)
2. Yeppeugo (feat. Sangchu) (예뻐요; Beautiful)
3. Ijeuryeogo (잊으려고; Try To Forget)
4. Dokhan Yeoja (독한 여자; Strong Woman)
5. Chonseuleobgo Yuchihage (Inst.) (촌스럽고 유치하게)

Feel Brand New Part.2 [Mini Album] (2012.08.08)
1. Miwoyo (feat. Yong Jun Hyung) (미워요; I Hate You)
2. Drive (feat. Shorry J) (드라이브)
3. Hajimayo... (하지마요..; Don't)
4. Highlight (feat. Ailee) (하이라이트)
5. So Bad

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