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Montag, 26. November 2018

5urprise (서프라이즈, サプライズ)

5urprise (서프라이즈, サプライズ) is an actor group under Fantagio Entertainment formed in 2013. 5urprise is a group made up of 5 actors who debuted in their own drama After School: Lucky or Not. The group's members were selected through 'Actor's League' program, and audition for aspiring actors. They debuted in Japan in 2015 under King Records.

Yoo-Il (Leader)
Seo Kang Joon
Gong Myung
Kang Tae Oh
Lee Tae Hwan (Maknae)

From My Heart [Digital Single] (2014.11.18)
1. From My Heart
3. From My Heart (Inst.)
4. JUMP (Innt.)

5urprise Flight [JP Single] (2015.10.28)
1. 5urprise Flight
2. I sing for you
3. Once more

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