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Sonntag, 16. Dezember 2018


Was a Korean Pop boyband considered as one of the most popular Korean groups during the late 90's. The group debuted in 1996 under SM Entertainment. H.O.T. consisted of five members and the lineup was the same throughout the whole history of the group. In May 2001, the group officially disbanded due to conflicts with their management agency, SM Entertainment. Years after the group disbanded, H.O.T. still remains very popular which each member busy pursuing separate careers as individual artists.

H.O.T. was an acronym for "High-Five of Teenagers".

Official Fanclub: Club H.O.T. (fans referred as White Angels)

Hee Jun
Woo Hyuk
Tony An
Jae Won

Wolf & Sheep [Album] (1997.07.05)
1. Go! H.O.T!
2. 늑대와 양 (Wolf and Sheep)
3. 자유롭게 날 수 있도록 (Free to Fly)
4. We Are the Future
5. 행복 (Full of Happiness)
6. 열등감 (The End of my Inferiority Complex)
7. 열 두 번째 생일 (Lost my 12th Birthday)
8. Tragedy
9. 너와 나 (You and I)

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