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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018

TheEastLight. (더 이스트라이트)

Label: Media Line Entertainment
Fandom Name:  Sunnies

Seokcheol and Seunghyun decided to leave the band after Seokcheol opened up about repeated abuse and violence from their producer and CEO, on October 19, 2018 and filed a complaint against their agency. On October 22, Media Line Entertainment terminated the exclusive contracts of the remaining members but no confirmation of the official disbandment has been made.

@TELTheEastLight. (Twitter)
TheEastLight.  (Youtube)

SIX SENSE [Mini Album] (2017.07.26)
1. I Got You
2. 기분 좋은 날
3. You`re My Love (Tropical Mix)
4. 사랑은…..
5. 내사랑
6. Holla (Original Mix)
7. 나는 나 (Tropical Mix)
8. I Got You (Acoustic Mix)

REAL MAN [Single] (2018.01.18)
1. 레알 남자 (Real Man)
2. Don`t Stop
3. 너와 둘이

Valentine's Day [Digital Single] (2018.02.13)
1. Valentine's Day

DON`T STOP (DJ KOO REMIX) [Digital Single] (2018.03.13)
1. Don`t Stop (DJ Koo Remix)

Are You Okay? [Digital Single] (2018.05.24)
1. 넌 괜찮니 (Are You Okay?)

Love Flutters [Mini Album] (2018.05.25)
1. 설레임
2. Never Thought (I'd Fall In Love)
3. Let Me Stay With You
4. Never Let Go
5. 넌 괜찮니
6. 레알 남자 (Real Man)
7. Don't Stop
8. 발렌타인 데이 (Valentine's Day)

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