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Dienstag, 30. Oktober 2018

Wanna One (워너원)

Official Fanclub - Wannabe

Kang Daniel (Center, Sub-Vocal, Main Dancer, Sub-Rapper)
Park Ji Hoon (Sub-Vocal, Lead Dancer, Sub-Rapper)
Lee Dae Hwi (Lead Vocal)
Kim Jae Hwan (Main Vocal)
Ong Seong Wu (Sub-Vocal, Main Dancer)
Park Woo Jin (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer)
Lai Kuan Lin (Lead Rapper)
Yoon Ji Seong (Sub-Vocal)
Hwang Min Hyun (Lead Vocal)
Bae Jin Young (Sub-Vocal)
Ha Sung Woon (Main Vocal)

1X1=1(TO BE ONE) [Mini Album] (2017.08.07)
1. To Be One (Intro.)
2. Hwalhwal (Burn It Up) (활활; Roaring)
3. Energetic (에너제틱)
4. Wanna Be (My Baby)
5. Ijarie (Acoustic Ver.) (Wanna One Ver.) (이자리에; At This Point)
6. Naya Na (Wanna One Ver.) (나야 나; It's Me) (CD Only)
7. Never (Wanna One Ver.) 

1-1=0(NOTHING WITHOUT YOU) [Mini Album] (2017.11.13)
1. Nothing Without You (Intro.)
2. Beautiful
3. Gatgo Sipeo (갖고 싶어; I Wanna Have)
4. Twilight
5. Hwalhwal (Burn It Up) (Prequel Remix) (활활)
6. Energetic (Prequel Remix) (에너제틱)
7. Wanna Be (My Baby)
8. Energetic (에너제틱)
9. Hwalhwal (Burn It Up) (활활)
10. To Be One (Outro.)

I.P.U. – Special Theme Track [Digital Single] (2018.03.05)
1. 약속해요 (I.P.U.)

0+1=1 (I PROMISE YOU) [Mini Album] (2018.03.19)
2. 약속해요 (I.P.U.)
3. BOOMERANG (부메랑)
5. 보여
6. 너의 이름을
7. 약속해요 (고백 Ver.)

1÷x=1 (UNDIVIDED) [Mini Album] (2018.06.04)
1. 켜줘 (Light)
2. 캥거루 (Kangaroo) (Prod. ZICO)
3. 영원+1 (Prod. NELL)
4. 모래시계 (Prod. 헤이즈)
5. 11 (Prod. 다이나믹듀오)

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