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Montag, 26. November 2018

Asha (아샤)

Asha (아샤) was a Korean pop girl group under CM Entertainment.

Da Ae (Leader, Vocalist)
Yoha (Rapper, Vocalist)
Nara (Vocalist)
Hyun A (Vocalist, Maknae)

Mr. Liar [Single] (2015.06.19)
1. Mr. Liar
2. 싫은데요
3. Mr. Liar (Inst.)
4. 싫은데요 (Inst.)

I'am not exactly sure if these are also Part of there Discography ..
If not please tell me in the Comments :)

Made in the Vibe [Mini Album] (2015.10.26)
1. 헤어지고 다음 날 – 에이샤 (Asha)
2. 축가 (Celebrate Love) – 바이브, 포맨, 벤, 임세준, 미(MIIII)
3. 넌 나의 집 – 포맨
4. Konus (Korean Ver.) (Feat. Bigtone) – Big Shot, 벤
5. 헤어지고 다음 날 (Inst.) – 에이샤 (Asha)
6. 축가 (Celebrate Love) (Inst.) – 바이브, 포맨, 벤, 임세준, 미(MIIII)
7. 넌 나의 집 (Inst.) – 포맨
8. Konus (Inst.) – Big Shot, 벤

LOVE (Made in the Vibe) [Single] (2016.01.08)
2. LOVE (Inst.)

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