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Montag, 20. August 2018

ICIA (아이시어)

Was also known under SIDA (사이다)
Label: DAM Entertainment

They originally debuted under 2L Company.

Previously they were known as "SIDA", after they changed company, changed their name to ICIA and re-debuted with the single "Time Bomb".

Na Yoon (Leader, Vocalist)
Hyogyeong (Vocalist, Rapper)

Former/Ex Member
Backjo (Vocalist, Rapper)
SunA (Leader, Rapper)
Hyeon Ah (Vocalist, Rapper)
Hari (Vocalist, Maknae)
Lee Ae (Main Vocalist)

Time Bomb [Digital Single] (2016.05.09)
1. Time bomb

Sad Heel (새드 힐) [Digital Single] (2017.11.03)
1. 새드 힐 (Sad heel)

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