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Montag, 20. Januar 2020


Label: Dongyo Entertainment

Official Fanclub: Dongari (동앓이)

Wondae (Leader, Lead Vocal, Rapper)
Kyoungyoon (Main Vocal)
Munik (Main Dancer, Vocal)
Jaechan (Vocal)
Jonghyeong (Lead Vocal, Maknae)

DONGKIZ ON THE BLOCK [Single] (2019.04.24)
1. NOM (놈)
2. NOM (Remix)
3. NOM (Inst.)

BlockBuster [Single] (2019.07.22)
1. BlockBuster

Sangsangsogui Neo (상상속의 너; Dreaming You) [Digital Single] (2019.09.11)
1. Sangsangsogui Neo (상상속의 너; Dreaming You)

DONGKY TOWN [Mini Album] (2019.11.06)
1. Welcome to Donkytown (Intro)
2. Fever
3. All I Need is You
4. 너로 인해 완벽해 (Complete Me)
5. 상상 속의 너 (Dreaming You)
6. Fever (Inst.)

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