Donnerstag, 12. April 2018

Weki Meki (위키미키)

Choi Yoojung (Lead Vocal, Lead Rap, Lead Dance)
Kim Doyeon (Visual, Lead Dance, Lead Vocal)
Elly (Vocal)
Sei (Lead Vocal, Rap)
Lua (Main Dance, Vocal)
Lucy (Lead Rap, Lead Dance, Vocal, Maknae)
Rina (Vocal)
Suyeon (Leader, Main Vocal)

WEME [Mini Album] (2017.08.08)
1. I don't like your Girlfriend
2. Stay with Me
3. Neoran Saram (너란 사람; Person of Yours)
4. Neverland
5. My World
6. Fantastic

Butterfly (2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Special) [Digital Single] (2018.01.11)
1. Butterfly

LUCKY [Mini Album] (2018.02.21)
1. Lucky
2. La La La
3. Iron Boy
4. Metronome
5. Color Me
6. Butterfly