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Dienstag, 21. August 2018

IMFACT (임팩트)

Label: Star Empire Entertainment
Their name is a combination of 'Impact' and 'I'm Fact'; to make a strong impact on the music industry and produce truthful music

Jian (leader, main rapper)
Jeup (main vocalist, lead dancer)
Taeho (main dancer, lead vocalist)
Lee Sang (lead vocalist, visual)
Ungjae (lead rapper, lead dancer, maknae)

Lollipop [Single] (2016.01.27)
2. 롤리팝 (Lollipop)
3. 샤인 (Shine)
4. 양아치

PRISM [Single] (2016.11.11)
1. 斑爛 (반란)
2. Feel So Good
3. Mirrorz
4. Woo

IMFACTORY PART.1 Niga Eopseo [Digital Single] (2017.01.25)
1. 니가 없어 (In The Club)

IMFACTORY PART.2 Cheotsarangeul Butakhae [Digital Single] (2017.02.27)
1. 첫사랑을 부탁해

IMFACTORY PART.3 Tension UP [Digital Single] (2017.04.05)
1. 텐션업 (Tension Up)

The Light [Digital Single] (2018.04.17)
1. 빛나

NaNaNa [Digital Single] (2018.08.16)
1. 나나나

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