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Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2018

GBB (지비비)

Label: LOUDers Entertainment

Their name stands for "Gawibawibo" (가위바위보; Rock Paper Scissors) and "Girls Be the Best"

Chaehee (Leader, Main Rapper)
Doori (Main Vocalist)
Jini (Sub-Vocalist, Rapper)
Sona (Vocalist)
Cheris (Sub-Vocalist)

GIRLS BE THE BEST [Mini Album] (2018.05.01)
1. KEMI (케미; Chemie)
2. Nappeun X (Bad Girls) (나쁜X; Bad X) (new recording from SOL-T)
3. Doljikgu (돌직구; Curve Ball) (new recording from SOL-T)
KEMI (Inst.)
4. Nappeun X (Bad Girls) (Inst.)
5. Doljikgu (Inst.)

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