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Sonntag, 2. Dezember 2018

Bebop (비밥)

Was a Korean pop 2-member female acoustic band that debuted in 2014 under HMI Entertainment

A Yeon (Leader, Sub Vocal, Visual, Drums)
Ju Woo (Main Vocal, Guitar)

Former/Ex Member
Ji In (Lead Vocal, Bass)

Between Calm and Passion [Mini Album] (2014.02.14)
1. Yeonyein (연예인; Artists)
2. Naega Meiniya (내가 메인이야; I'm the Best)
3. Oh my boy
4. Be lazy
5. Naega Meiniya (Inst.) (내가 메인이야)

Special Day [Mini Album] (2014.12.24)
1. Ordinary Day
2. Dream On
3. I Do
4. Johgessda (좋겠다; Envy You)
5. Ordinary Day (inst.)

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