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Dienstag, 30. April 2019

THE BOYZ (더보이즈)

Label: Cre.Ker Entertainment
Official Fanclub: <The B> (The Boyz' Vitamin)

Sangyeon (Leader, Main Vocal)
Jacob (Vocal)
Younghoon (Vocal)
Hyunjae (Lead Vocal)
Juyeon (Lead Dance, Vocal)
Kevin (Main Vocal)
New (Main Vocal)
Q (Main Dance, Sub-Vocal)
Ju Hak Nyeon (Lead Dance, Sub-Vocal)
Hwall (Main Dance, Sub-Vocal, Rap)
Sunwoo (Main Rap, Sub-Vocal)
Eric (Maknae, Lead Dance, Rap, Sub-Vocal)

THE FIRST [Mini Album] (2017.12.06)
1. Intro
2. Sonyeon (Boy) (소년)
3. Sigani An Jinaga (Walkin' In Time) (시간이 안 지나가; Time Does Not Pass)
4. Isseo (Got It) (있어)
5. I'm Your Boy
6. Sonyeon (Boy) (Inst.)

THE START [Mini Album] (2018.04.03)
1. The Start
2. Giddy Up
3. Text Me Back
4. Just U
5. Back 2 U
6. Get It

[Digital Single] (2018.07.12)
1. 지킬게 (KeePer) (Prod. 박경)

1ST SINGLE ALBUM [THE SPHERE] [Single] (2018.09.05)
1. Right Here
2. L.O.U
3. 지킬게 (KeePer) (Prod. 박경)

THE ONLY [Mini Album] (2018.11.29)
1. Breath to Breath
2. No Air
3. Only ONE
4. Jagagmong (Lucid Dream) (자각몽)
5. 36.5 (Melting Heart)
6. 4EVER

Bloom Bloom [Single] (2019.04.29)
1. Bloom Bloom
2. Mongjung (Butterfly) (몽중)
3. Clover

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