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Donnerstag, 3. Januar 2019

May Doni (메이다니)

May Doni (메이다니) is a Korean-American pop singer and actress. In 2011 she become a member of the fictional group Pinkdolls for the release of the film White.

7 Teen [Single] (2010.07.07)
1.  ID (I'm Maydoni)
2. Molla Ing (feat. 2AM)
3. Cheoeumcheoreom (feat. July)
 4. Molla Ing (Is Mix) (feat. 2AM)
5. Molla Ing (MV Edit) (feat. 2AM)
6. ID (I'm Maydoni) (Inst.)
7. Molla Ing (Inst.)
8. Cheoeumcheoreom (Inst.)

Beginning [Single] (2013.02.01)
1. Gyosire Omyeon (교실에 오면; When It Comes To The Classroom)
2. Naega Mwol Eojjaessneunde (feat. Anni) (내가 뭘 어쨌는데; What Did I Do)

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