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Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2018

god (지오디)

Was a Korean R&B/Pop boy band signed with Sidus Entertainment. The group debuted in 1998, and disbanded seven years later in 2005. They quickly rose to stardom with their touching first single "Eomeonimkke". Their popularity was solidified with their subsequent album releases and became a huge mainstay in the Korean pop industry during the late 90's and early 2000's. The group's name stood for "Groove Over Dose".

SidusHQ confirmed in early May that all five members will make a comeback with a digital release in mid-July, in celebration of their 15th anniversary.

Official Fanclub: Fan God

Park Joon Hyung
Kim Tae Woo
Danny Ahn
Son Ho Young
Yoon Kye Sang

CHAPTER 8 [VOL. 8] [Album] (2014.07.04)
1. 5+4+1+5=15
2. 보통날 (Original ver.)
3. 하늘색 약속
4. Saturday Night
5. 아저씨와 메건리
6. 우리가 사는 이야기 (feat. 메건리)
7. Smile
8. Stand Up
9. 노래 불러줘요 (feat. 아이유)
10. 난 좋아
11. 신사의 품격 (G’swag)
12. 미운오리새끼
13. Saturday Night (inst.)
14. 우리가 사는 이야기 (inst.)

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