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Montag, 4. Februar 2019

TOXIC (톡식)

Label: TnC Entertainment
They won first place on the TV audition program TOP Band in 2011. Their indies debut performance was on October 31, 2010 in Rolling Hall. Prior joining TOXIC, Kim Seulong was the drummer of the disbanded band OK PUNK!, lead by actress Kim Ok Bin.

Kim Jung Woo (Guitar, Vocal, Keyboards)
Kim Seulong (Drums, Vocal)

FIRST BRIDGE [Mini Album] (2012.10.12)
1. Get Out
2. 외로워
3. 질려 !!
4. No More
5. Get Out (Remix)
6. 외로워 (inst.)

PHEROMONE [Digital Single] (2013.02.07)
1. 페로몬 (Pheromone)

COUNT DOWN [Mini Album] (2013.07.22)
1. Count Down
2. 외로워 (Rock ver.)
3. 잠시라도 그대
4. Midnight
5. Into The Night
6. 이상형
7. Count Down (inst.)

SATELLITE [Digital Single] (2014.05.27)
1. Satellite (인공위성)

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