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Freitag, 10. August 2018

Jang Woo Hyuk (장우혁)

When H.O.T disbanded in 2001, he formed a group called JTL along with 2 other former-H.O.T members, Lee Jae Won and Tony An, before moving on to release his solo album on 2005. He is also the former CEO of Newest, a dance academy that he created during the final years of H.O.T.'s career. His nicknames have been "Hammer Boy" and the "Dancing Sun" in Korea.

No More Drama [Album] (2005.09.12)
1. Flip Reverse
2. Pump Flow
3. Jiji Anhneun Taeyang (지지 않는 태양; Sun That Never Sets)
4. Shake It Shake It!
5. Sorry
6. Urae Doen Gieok Sogeuro (Skip) (오래 된 기억 속으로)
7. Red Sun
8. Scream
9. Let's Go
10. F.A.S.T Love
11. Meongcheongi (Square Boy) (멍청이; Fool)
12. One Step

I Am the Future [Mini Album] (2011.05.25)
1. Minimalism
2. I Am the Future (feat. Jo Eun Hee, Seo Jung Hwan)
3. Sigani Meomchun Na Time Is [L]over (시간이 멈춘 날)
4. Jumal Bam (주말 밤; Weekend Night)
5. [W] Time (feat. J'Kyun)
6. Sigani Meomchun Na Time Is [L]over (instrumental) (시간이 멈춘 날)
7. Jumal Bam (instrumental) (주말 밤)

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