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Montag, 20. Januar 2020

DreamNote (드림노트)

[Admin Note: And yes i know they are all listed as Singles but for me they have more Charm as Mini Album]

Label: iMe KOREA

They held their pre-debut showcase "Dreamnote 2page" on June 17, 2018 and made their debut on November 7th.

Sumin (Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocal, Rap)
Eunjo (Sub-Vocal)
Habin (Main Dancer, Sub-Vocal, Rap)
Lara (Main Vocal, Sub-Dancer)
Hanbyeol (Leader, Lead Vocal, Rap)
Miso (Main Vocal)
Youi (Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocal)
Boni (Lead Dancer, Sub-Vocal)

Former/Ex Member
Park Jin Sol (pre-debut)

Dreamlike [Mini Album] (2018.11.07)
1. Bicui Sijak dreamin'tro (빛의 시작; The Beginning of Light)
3. Joha Hanabwa (좋아하나봐; I Like It)
5. DREAM NOTE inst
6. Joha Hanabwa inst

Dream:us [Mini Album] (2019.03.12)
1. ¡Bienvenido! (Welcome Back)
2. Hakuna matata (하쿠나 마타타)
3. Chwimineun Neo (My hobby is you) (취미는 너)
4. CONG CONG (Uhh Ohh)
5. Hakuna matata inst

Dream Wish [Mini Album] (2020.01.08)
1. Barada (WISH) (바라다)
2. Love is so amazing
3. Bittersweet
4. Kkum Seomeuro (La Isla Bonita) (꿈 섬으로)
5. Barada (WISH) inst.

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