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Freitag, 30. November 2018

ABRY (에이브리)

Label: withHC
Their name stands for All Been ReadY

Gayun (Leader, Vocal)
Seola (Vocal)
Soeun (Vocal)
Yeji (Vocal)

Paeobseoneon (파업선언; Strike) [Digital Single] (2018.06.01)
1. 파업선언

OVER & GONE [Album] (2018.10.28)
1. Over & Gone (Feat. 넋업샨 of 소울다이브) [YT]
2. Easy Love
3. Over & Gone (Acoustic) (Feat. 넋업샨 of 소울다이브) [YT]
4. Lovely Day
5. 잠을 잘 수 없어서

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