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Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

C.I.V.A (씨아이브이에이)

Was a parody Korean pop girl group under Lee & Tak Entertainmet (LTE)

C.I.V.A was created through the mockumentary TV show The God of Music 2. The group featured two Produce 101 contestants Kim So Hee and Yun Chae Kyung alongside actress Lee Soo Min.

Official Fanclub: CIVARaGhi

Kim So Hee
Yun Chae Kyung
Lee Soo Min

Wae Bulleo (왜 불러; Why Do You Call Me) [Single] (2016.07.06)
1. WHY (왜 불러)
2. WHY (Clean ver)
3. WHY (Inst.)

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