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Sonntag, 14. Juli 2019

Chungha (청하)

Label: M&H Entertainment
Official Fanclub: BYULHARANG (별하랑)

Former Member of: I.O.I

Hands on Me [Mini Album] (2017.06.07)
1. Hands on Me
2. Why Don't You Know feat. Nucksal
3. Make a Wish
4. Ujumeonji (우주먼지; Space Dust)
5. Wol Hwa Su Mog Geum To Il (월화수목금토일; Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Day)

OFFSET [Mini Album] (2018.01.17)
1. Offset
2. Roller Coaster
3. Do It
4. Bad Boy
5. Neoui Ondo (Remind of you) (너의 온도)

Blooming Blue [Mini Album] (2018.07.18)
1. BB
2. Love U
3. Cherry Kisses
4. Drive
5. From Now On

Beolsseo 12si (Gotta Go) [Digital Single] (2019.01.02)
1. Beolsseo 12si (Gotta Go) (벌써 12시)

Flourishing [Mini Album] (2019.06.24)
1. Chica
2. Uriga Jeulgeowo (우리가 즐거워; We Have Fun)
3. Call It Love
4. Flourishing
5. Snapping

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