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Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2018

KARD (카드, also stylized K.A.R.D)

Label: DSP Media

BM (Lead Rapper, Vocalist)
Jiwoo (Lead Vocalist)
J.Seph (Main Rapper)
Somin (Main Vocalist)

Official Fanclub: Hidden Kard

K.A.R.D Project Vol.1 "Oh Nana" [Digital Single] (2016.12.13)
1. Oh NaNa (Hidden. 허영지)

K.A.R.D Project Vol.2 "Don't Recall" [Digital Single] (2017.02.16)
1. Don't Recall
2. Don't Recall (Hidden ver.)

K.A.R.D Project Vol.3 "Rumor" [Digital Single] (2017.04.24)

HOLA HOLA [Mini Album] (2017.07.19)
1. Oh NaNa (Hidden. Young Ji)
2. Don't Recall
4. Hola Hola
5. Nan Meomchuji Anhneunda (난 멈추지 않는다; I Don't Stop)
6. Living Good (Special thanks to)

You & Me [Mini Album] (2017.11.21)
2. Trust Me (J.Seph & Jiwoo ver.)
3. Push & Pull
4. Jinikka (지니까; Because)
5. You In Me
6. Trust Me (BM & Somin ver.)

RIDE ON THE WIND [Mini Album] (2018.07.25)
1. INTRO: Humming
2. Moonlight
3. Ride on the wind
4. Knockin' on my heaven's door
5. Dímelo
6. Ride on the wind (Inst.)

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