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Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2018

SOYOU (소유)

Little Note
She was supposed to debut in 4minute, but was dropped from the group few day prior to their debut due to unknown reasons.

Chakhae Ppajyeosseo (Stupid in Love) [Digital Single] (2013.09.10)
1. Chakhae Ppajyeosseo (Stupid in Love) (착해 빠졌어)

SOME [Digital Single] (2014.02.07)
1. SOME (썸) (feat. Lil Boi of Geeks)
2. Blind (Twilight Mix)

The Space Between [Digital Single] (2014.09.26)
1. The Space Between (틈)

Eokkae (어깨; Lean On Me) [Digital Single] (2015.09.22)
1. Eokkae (어깨; Lean On Me)

RE:BORN [Mini Album] (2017.12.23)
1. Giuneun Bam (기우는 밤; The Night) (Prod. Primary) (feat. Geeks)
2.Neoege Baewosseo (너에게 배웠어; Grown Up) (Prod. Yoon Jong Shin)
3. Joheun Saram (좋은 사람; Still the One) (Prod. Cloud)
4. Ongiga Piryohae (온기가 필요해; We Need Warmth) (Prod. Kwon Soon Kwan)
5. Ilgobsal (일곱살; 7 Years Old) (Prod. & Duet MoonMoon)
6. Ppeonhan Ibyeol (뻔한 이별; I Still) (Prod. 13) (feat. Sung Si Kyung)

RE:FRESH [Mini Album] (2018.10.04)
1. 까만밤 (PROD. GroovyRoom, OREO)
2. 무덤덤 (PROD. 아르마딜로)
3. 너와 함께 (PROD. 다비 (DAVII))
4. Funny (PROD., SEION)
5. 멀어진다 (PROD. 소유, 유진경)
6. 잔다툼 (PROD. 윤현상)

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