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Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2019

Trouble Maker (트러블 메이커)

Hyun A

TROUBLE MAKER [Mini Album] (2011.12.01)
2. Deutgi Sirheun Mal (듣기 싫은 말; Words I Don't Want to Hear)
3. TIME (feat. Rado) (Hyun A solo)
4. Amureochi Annni (아무렇지 않니; Don't You Mind It) (Hyunseung solo)

Chemistry [Mini Album] (2013.10.28)
1. Bollyumeul Nopigo (볼륨을 높이고; Turn Up The Volume)
2. Naeileun Eobseo (Now) (내일은 없어; There Is No Tomorrow)
3. Nolgo Sipeun Girl (feat. HyunA) (놀고 싶은 Girl; The Girl Who Wants To Play) (Hyunseung solo)
4. Ili Wa (Attention) (이리 와; Come Here)
5. I Like (feat. Flowsik of Aziatix) (HyunA solo)

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