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Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2018

Kiss (키스)

Was a Korean pop female trio who debuted in 2001 and disbanded a year later. They are best known for their chart-topping single, "Yeojainigga", which soared to the top of the charts due to its melodramatic music video. The group later released their debut album, but disbanded soon after due to internal conflict.


First Album [Album] (2001.11.22)
1. Intro (Noise Sample)
2. True Love
3. Jeonghwabadeo (전화받어; Answer Your Phone)
4. Yeojainigga (여자이니까; Because I'm A Girl)
5. Jarhaebwa (잘해봐; Good Luck)
6. Noogabwa (누가봐; Garcia)
7. Middletro (Noise Sample)
8. Without You
9. Dwirdaero Dwira (될대로 되라; Desperation)
10. Moonjeya (문제야; Problem)
11. Chakhage Sarja (착하게 살자; Good Live)
12. Outro
13. Yeojainigga (Instrumental) (여자이니까)
14. Jeonghwabadeo (Instrumental) (잘해봐)
15. Yeojainnigga (Jini Narration) (여자이니까)

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