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Sonntag, 21. Juli 2019

Yellow Bee (옐로비)

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Yellow Bee (옐로비) currently consists of 5 members. Yellow Bee debuted on November 23, 2017 with ‘Hiccup’, under Addiction Entertainment. The member line up changed entirely in 2019.

Yellow Bee Fandom Name: Honey

Rhyuee (Leader, Lead Vocalist)
Annie (Main Vocalist)
Seolha (Main Rapper)
Soye (Vocalist)
Ari (Lead Vocalist)

Former/Ex Member
Seona (Sub Vocalist)
Somee (Main Rapper)
Berry (Main Vocalist, Maknae)
Rozy (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
Boyeon (Main Dancer, Vocalist)
Yellow Bee (Facebook)
@Ylb_Official (Twitter)
@yellowbee_official (Instagram)
Yellow Bee (Youtube)

DVD (DIFFERENCE VERSUS DIFFERENCE) [Digital Single] (2019.06.28)
1. DVD (Difference Versus Difference)

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