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Donnerstag, 29. November 2018

Bay.B (베이비)

Was a Korean pop 3-member girl group that debuted in 2014 under Can Entertainment

Miho (Leader, Vocal)
Seola (Visual, Vocal)
Miel (Vocal, Maknae)

May [Album] (2014.05.16)
1. Intro
2. I`m In The Mood For Dancing (Electro House Ver.)
3. 이런.. 날
4. Quecera Cera
5. 그녀에게
6. 입에물고
7. 그녀에게 (Electro House ver.)
8. I’m In The Mood For Dancing
9. Non Stop (Electro House ver.)

Chaolla (차올라; Come To Mind) [Single] (2015.06.26)
1. 차올라

Fancy [Single] (2015.09.21)
1. Fancy (feat. 우탄)

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