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Freitag, 1. Februar 2019


They funded their debut through a Makestar campaign which ran from October 2017 through February 2018.

Label: Aftermoon Entertainment
Official Fanclub: Wings

Hyeni (Vocal)
Yehana (Main Vocal)
Ha L (Sub-Vocal) (Leader, Main Vocal)
Junga (Sub-Vocal)
Ellie (Rapper)
Nina (Dancer)
Eun A (Dancer)

Jaina (Pre-Debut)
Woori (Pre-Debut)
Vivian (Pre-Debut)
Julie (Pre-Debut)
Lina (Pre-Debut)
Suha (Pre-Debut)
Cindy (Pre-Debut)
ON AIR [Single] (2018.08.31)
1. We Go (Prod by House Rulez)
2. ON AIR (Prod by House Rulez) [YT] 
3. SelfieGram (Prod by House Rulez)
Girl's Wings Fly [Digital Single] (2018.10.09)
1. On Air (Wings Ver.) [YT]

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