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Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018

S.I.S (에스아이에스, also stylized SIƧ)

Label: XX Entertainment
They held their pre-debut stage at IDOLCON on May 26, 2017

J.SUN (Leader, Sub Vocal)
MINZY (Rap, Dance)
DAL (Main Vocal)
GAEUL (Vocal)
ANNE (Vocal, Dance)
SEBIN (Vocal)

Neukkimi Wa (느낌이 와; I've Got a Feeling) [Digital Single] (2017.08.25)
1. Neukkimi Wa (느낌이 와)
2. Ah Ya! (아야)
3. My Space (나의 우주)
4. Neukkimi Wa (Inst.)

Eung (SAY YES) (응; Huh) [Digital Single] (2018.09.20)
1. Eung (SAY YES) (응)
2. Jjaksarang (짝사랑)
3. Bunhongkkoch (분홍끛)
4. Eung (SAY YES) (Inst.)

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