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Montag, 20. August 2018

I.O.I (아이오아이, also known as IOI)

Was a Korean pop 11-member project girl group that was formed via the Mnet TV show Produce 101. They were signed to CJ E&M Music's YMC Entertainment and promoted for one year.

Jeon So Mi (Center)
Kim Se Jeong
Choi Yoo Jung
Kim Chung Ha
Kim So Hye
Zhou Jieqiong
Jung Chae Yeon
Kim Do Yeon
Kang Mi Na
Lim Na Young (Leader)
Yu Yeun Jung

Crush [Digital Single] (2016.04.05)
1. Crush

Chrysalis [Mini Album] (2016.04.05)
1. I.O.I (Intro)
2. Dream Girls
3. Ttok Ttok Ttok (똑 똑 똑; Knock Knock Knock)
4. Doo Wap
5. Crush
6. Beotkkoci Jimyeon (벚꽃이 지면; If the Cherry Blossoms Fall)
7. Pick Me

Whatta Man [Single] (2016.08.09)
1. Whatta Man (Good Man)

Sone Sonjapgo (손에 손잡고; Hand in Hand) [Digital Single] (2016.08.15)
1. Sone Sonjapgo (손에 손잡고)
2. Sone Sonjapgo (Inst.)

MISS ME? [Mini Album] (2016.10.17)
1. Neomu Neomu Neomu (너무너무너무; Very Very Very)
2. Jamkkanman (잠깐만; Wait a Minute)
3. Nae Maldaero Haejwo (내 말대로 해줘; Me As I Say)
5. Eum Sojjeomyeon (음 어쩌면; Well, Maybe)

DOWNPOUR [Digital Single] (2017.01.18)
1. 소나기 (DOWNPOUR)

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