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Dienstag, 17. September 2019

Question to all of you

Hi there here is Admin Ceyla ;)

I'm sorry for the poor upload since a few Months ago ... 
So if anyone have Wishes what should i Upload please write it in the comments below :)

I hope i can catch some wishes who i can fulfill ;)

Oh and by the Way ^^ the Link to Infinite is fixed .. i hope they delete it not again -_-
And IU is know also in the List :)

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EI-YO (에이요)

Label: HWIAD Entertainment
The group disbanded after their agency decided to focus only on marketing

Shim Eun Mi (Main Vocal)
Kim Seul Mi (Vocal)
Oh Hana (Rap)

EI-YO Engine Start [Digital Single] (2011-05-17)
1. Nune Ttuijima (눈에 띄지마; Stay Out of Sight)

Eddy Kim (에디킴)

Label: MYSTIC89
Known from: Superstar K4

The Manual [Mini Album] (2014.07.18)
1. 2 Years Apart
2. Push & Pull (밀당의 고수)
3. Slow Dance
4. The Manual (너 사용법}
5. Sober Up
6. It's Over

Eddy Kim & Lim Kim
Roommate (Roommate OST Part 1) [Digital Single] (2014.06.02)

The Manual Deluxe Edition (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2014.06.18)
1. Darling
2. 2 Years Apart
3. Push & Pull (밀당의 고수)
4. Slow Dance
5. The Manual (너 사용법}
6. Sober Up
7. It's Over

Sing Sing Sing [Mini Album] (2015.01.21)
1. Sing Sing Sing
2. My Love
3. Apologize
4. Shower Girl
5. Lovin’ You
6. 조화 (造花)

E7 (이세븐)

Debuted 2012
Label: Excellent Entertainment

Vocal: Bokeun
Vocal: Lucky
Vocal: GoUp
Vocal: WooSu
Vocal: Iri
Vocal: Iz

Rising Sun [Single] (14.08.2012)
1. U
2. Don't Let You Go
3. U (Inst.)
4. Don't Let You Go (Inst.)

E2RE (이투알이)

Label: CS Happy Entertainment
The group is named after the French word "Étolier".


BREAK OUT IN NOVEMBER [Digital Single] (2012.10.31)
1. Gipeunbam Seulpeunnorae (깊은밤 슬픈노래)
2. Gipeunbam Seulpeunnorae (Ballad Ver.) (깊은밤 슬픈노래)
3. Gipeunbam Seulpeunnorae (Guitar Ver.) (깊은밤 슬픈노래)
4. Gipeunbam Seulpeunnorae (Inst.) (깊은밤 슬픈노래)
5. Gipeunbam Seulpeunnorae (Ballad Inst.) (깊은밤 슬픈노래)

Montag, 22. Juli 2019

Yoon Hyun Sang

 PIANOFORTE [Mini Album] (2014.10.31)
1. 나 평생 그대 곁을 지킬게 *Title
2. 언제쯤이면 (When Would It Be) (duet with IU)
3. 사랑이 힘들어 멈추는 곳에
4. 시월에: 스물 일곱 번째 밤
5. 오늘밤
6. 내 방 어디에나 (Original Demo ver.)

LOVER [Mini Album] (2019.06.26)
1. 누운 기억
2. 아무도 모르는 곳
3. 춤추는 우주
4. 생각보다
5. #sharp

Eun Ji-won (은지원)

He is a Member of SECHSKIES

Eun is the oldest member of the group, and pursued a solo career in 2001 with his first single "A-Ha".

G1 [Album] (2019.06.27)
2. I’M ON FIRE (Feat. Blue.D) (불나방) *Title
4. WORTHLESS (쓰레기)
7. TIPSY (비틀비틀)
9. SAME (비슷비슷해)

Sonntag, 21. Juli 2019


CICI (씨씨) (stylized as C!Ci, name stands for “Can I Come In”) is a 4-member boy group under UPVOTE Entertainment. The group consists of: JL (제이엘), Sunghyun (성현), Won (원), Haneul (하늘). They debuted on June 27, 2019 with the single “[CC]”.

@CICI_official_ (Twitter)
@cici_official_upvote (Instagram)
official.cici (Facebook)
CICI Official (Youtube) (Official Website)

CC [Digital Single] (2019.06.27)
1. CC


Label: RBW Entertainment
Official Fanclub: Vroccoli

Park Jang Hyun
Park Hyun Gyu
Lee Chan Dong
Lee Hyun Seok

THE ACTION [Mini Album] (2016.07.12)
1. Introduce (Feat. Basick)
2. 오래된 연인들
3. 여자 사람 친구
4. 빙 (Feat. Big Tray)
5. 벌써 겨울
6. 여자 사람 친구 (Inst.)

어장관리 [Digital Single] (2016.09.14)
1. 어장관리
2. 어장관리 (Inst.)

ROMANCE [Mini Album] (2017.01.06)
1. I`m Fine
2. 삼년째 백수
3. 헤어지지 말자
4. 예뻐서 고마워
5. 어장관리

WAKE UP CALL [Digital Single] (2017.03.13)
1. 모닝콜 (Wake Up Call)

꽃 (PROD. 정키) [Digital Single] (2018.01.17)
1. 꽃 (Prod. 정키)
2. 꽃 (Prod. 정키) (Inst.)

STAR [Digital Single] (2018.02.21)
1. 별
2. 별 (Inst.)

OH MY SEASON [Digital Single] (2018.04.06)
1. 오 나의 계절
2. 오 나의 계절 (Instrumental)

원초적 본능 [Digital Single] (2018.08.03)
1. 원초적 본능
2. 원초적 본능 (Inst.)

Unlike [Digital Single] (2019.03.01)
1. 같은 밤 다른 느낌
2. 같은 밤 다른 느낌 (Instrumental)

내게 기대어도 돼 [Digital Single] (2019.06.27)
1. 내게 기대어도 돼

Yellow Bee (옐로비)

[This Profile is develop with the Help from]

Yellow Bee (옐로비) currently consists of 5 members. Yellow Bee debuted on November 23, 2017 with ‘Hiccup’, under Addiction Entertainment. The member line up changed entirely in 2019.

Yellow Bee Fandom Name: Honey

Rhyuee (Leader, Lead Vocalist)
Annie (Main Vocalist)
Seolha (Main Rapper)
Soye (Vocalist)
Ari (Lead Vocalist)

Former/Ex Member
Seona (Sub Vocalist)
Somee (Main Rapper)
Berry (Main Vocalist, Maknae)
Rozy (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
Boyeon (Main Dancer, Vocalist)
Yellow Bee (Facebook)
@Ylb_Official (Twitter)
@yellowbee_official (Instagram)
Yellow Bee (Youtube)

DVD (DIFFERENCE VERSUS DIFFERENCE) [Digital Single] (2019.06.28)
1. DVD (Difference Versus Difference)