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Mittwoch, 4. November 2020

Question to all of you

Hi there here is Admin Ceyla ;)

I'm sorry for the poor upload since a few Months ago ... 
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Mittwoch, 2. September 2020

ZZBEst (지지베스트)

Label: Faith Entertainment

Han B

ZZBEst 1st Single [Digital Single] (2015.01.15)
1. Temptation
2. 랄랄라


Family: Twin brother, JYJ member JUNSU

ZUNO (known in Japan as JUNO) is a Korean singer debuted in 2010 in China with the digital single "Beginning". In August 2011 he debuted in Japan under Rhythm Zone and in May 2012 he debuted in Korea participating on the soundtrack for the drama Ji Woon Soo's Stroke of Luck.

Beginning [China Digital Single] (2010-03-29)
1. Nothing To Lose (放开我  팡카이워)
2. I Love You (我爱你  워아이니)

Fate [Japan Single] (2011-08-31)
1. Fate
2. Cry
3. Fate (Instrumental)
4. Cry (Instrumental)
5. Nothing To Lose 

believe... ~Kimi wo Shinjite~ [Japan Single] (2011-12-21)
1. believe... ~Kimi wo Shinjite~ (君を信じて)
2. Bad Girl
3. believe... ~Kimi wo Shinjite~ (Instrumental) (君を信じて)
4. Bad Girl (Instrumental)

Everything [Japan Single] (2012-05-16)
1. Everything
2. Triangle Love

STYLE [Japan Album] (2012-10-17)
2. Fate
3. Sono Kami mo Yubi mo Kuchibiru mo... (その髪も 指も 唇も…)
4. Aitai (逢いたい)
5. believe... ~Kimi wo Shinjite~ (君を信じて)
6. Look At Me (Japanese ver)
7. I Love You (Japanese ver)
8. with
9. Everything
10. Anywhere

Ring [Japan Single] (2013-07-03)
1. Ring
2. YOU
3. Ring (Instrumental)
4. YOU (Instrumental)

Zia (지아) (also known as Zi-A)

Road Movie [Album] (2008.07.12)
1. Nanhaengbokhae (난행복해; I'm Happy)
2. Naeotteokhae (나어떡해; What Am I to Do)
3. Saranghae Mianhae (사랑해 미안해; I Love You, I'm Sorry)
4. Meonbalchi (먼발치; A Distant Place)
5. Keudaemanboyeoyo (Feat. T.O.P) (그대만보여요; I Only See You)
6. Sarangman Araseo (사랑만 알아서; I Only Know Love)
7. Eomma Mianhaeyo (엄마 미안해요; Mom, I'm Sorry)
8. Useojulrae (웃어줄래; Will You Smile for Me)
9. Mungkeul (뭉클; Choked With Grief)
10. Sinchoneseo Hongdaekkaji (신촌에서 홍대까지; From Sinchon to Hongdae)
11. Byeol (별; Star)
12. Udukeoni (우두커니; Blank)
13. Kakkaseuro (가까스로; The Closer You Get)
14. Gobaek (고백; Confession)
15. Nalgeun Ot (낡은옷; Worn Out Clothes)
16. Saranghae Mianhae (Piano Ver.) (사랑해 미안해; I Love You, I'm Sorry)

Orchestra [Mini Album] (2009.04.02)
1. Geureondamyeonseo (그런다면서; Yet)
2. Teojil Geot Gata (터질 것 같아; Feel Like Exploding)
3. Sarangkeuteumeori (feat. Jang Geun Yi) (사랑끄트머리 (feat. 장근이); Love Point)
4. Sarange Micheoseo (사랑에 미쳐서; Crazy With Love)
5. Munjaro Ibyeolhaneun Il (문자로 이별하는 일; Breaking Up With a Text)
6. Jeonhal Ssu Eomneun Mal (전할 수 없는 말; Words I Can't Send)
7. Geureondamyeonseo (Piano Ver) (그런다면서)
8. Sarange Micheoseo (Piano Ver) (사랑에 미쳐서)

ATELIER [Mini Album] (2009.12.28)
1. Ijeumyeon Andwae (잊으면 안돼; Do Not Forget)
2. Geunyeocheoreom (그녀처럼; Like Her)
3. Geu Nal Ihubuteo (그 날 이후부터; The Day After)
4. Saranghae Jwoyo (사랑해 줘요; Love Me)
5. Sul Hanjan Haeyo (술 한잔 해요; Have A Drink)
6. Geunyeocheoreom (inst.) (그녀처럼)
7. Sul Hanjan Haeyo (inst.) (술 한잔 해요)

Difference [Mini Album] (2010.08.06)
1. Useumman.. (웃음만..; Laughter)
2. Sigana Butakalkke (Feat. SeeYa Yeon Ji) (시간아 부탁할게(Feat. 씨야 연지); Time, I Want You)
3. Bulgam (불감; No Sense)
4. Mitkko Sipeo (믿고 싶어; Want to Believe)
5. Jal Kka..Ji Ma (잘 가..지 마; Don't.. Go)
6. Sarangeul Kkareucheo Juseyo (Feat. K.Will) (사랑을 가르쳐 주세요 (Feat.케이윌); Give Me Your Love)
7. Useumman.. (Inst.) (웃음만..; Laughter)

Avancer [Album] (2011.09.30)
1. Naega Ireochi (feat. Ha Dong Qn) (내가 이렇지)
2. Nuga Geojitmalhaennayo (누가 거짓말했나요)
3. Igeon Nae Norae (이건 내 노래)
4. Heeojin Cheotnal (헤어진 첫날)
5. Sarangeul Jeogeoyo (with Mir of MBLAQ) (사랑을 적어요)
6. Jibe Isseul Geoeyo (집에 있을 거에요)
7. Seumulle Sigan (with Park Jung Ah) (스물네 시간)
8. Ttak Hanbeonman Deo (딱 한번만 더)
9. Geudaeigil Baraeyo (with K.Will) (그대이길 바래요)
10. Naega Ireochi (inst.) (내가 이렇지)
11. Geudaeigil Baraeyo (inst.) (그대이길 바래요)

Anemone [Mini Album] (2012.12.10)
1. Bangmuneul Jamgeugo (방문을 잠그고; Lock The Room Door)
2. Il Nyeonjjae (일 년째; One Year Worth)
3. Nunmuri Tuk (feat. Park Kyung) (눈물이 툭; Tears Fall)
4. Naleul Ijeodo (나를 잊어도; Even If You Forget Me)
5. I Need You (Huh Gak & Zia)

If You Loved [Digital Single] (2013.09.06)
1. 사랑했었다면

To Be Expected [Single] (2013.12.24)
1. 그런 줄 알았어
2. 그런 줄 알았어(Inst.)

After 11 Days [Album] (2014.01.13)
1. Have You Ever Cried (울어본 적 있나요)
2. Hurt (ft. LE) (아프다 아프다)
3. Because I Love You (그까짓 사랑 때문에)
4. I'm Godd (이별 참 쉽더라)
5. When I Miss You (그리운 날에)
6. Broken Up (이별했다)
7. The Lie (거짓말 )
8. To Be Expected (그런 줄 알았어)
9. Loved You (with Seo In Guk) (이별남녀)
10. If You Loved Me (with Lee Hae Ri (사랑했었다면)

Falling In Fall [Mini Album] (2014.10.06)
1. 웃게 해줄게
2. Falling In Love (duet with 환희)
3. 무릎담요
4. 밥 한 숟갈
5. 잊어버린 채 살아
6. 보란 듯이
7. Falling In Love (inst.)
8. 보란 듯이 (inst.)

WHITE [Single] (2016.02.05)
1. 눈물
2. 그 남자가
3. .눈물 (inst.)
4. 그 남자가 (inst.)

Ileon Nalado Gwaenchanhnayo (이런 나라도 괜찮나요; Even Though Me) 
[Digital Single] (2018.07.09)

1. 이런 나라도 괜찮나요 (Prod. 김현철) [[Even Though Me(Prod. Kim Hyun-Chul)]

니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어 [Digital Single] (2019.07.04)
1. 니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어
2. 니가 길게 혼자면 좋겠어 (Inst.)

Miss You [Digital Single] (2020.07.03)
1. 오늘 술 한잔해요 (Miss You)
2. 오늘 술 한잔해요 (Miss You) (Instrumental)

Montag, 17. August 2020

ZE:A / Child of Empire

Vocal: Lee Ho (Jun Young)
Vocal: Si Wan
Vocal: Kevin
Vocal: Kwang Hee
Vocal: Tae Hun
Vocal: Hee Chul
Vocal: Min Woo
Vocal: Hyung Shik
Vocal: Dong Jun

Nativity [Single] (07.01.2010)
1. Love Coach
2. New Star
3. Mazeltov

Leap For Detonation [Single] (25.03.2010)
1. Intro
2. All Day Long (Original ver.)
3. Man 2 Man

Level Up [Digital Single] (2010.07.18)
1. Ibyeoldeurip (이별드립; Separation Drip)
2. Ibyeoldeurip (Inst.) (이별드립)

Loveability [Album] (17.03.2011)
1. Intro
2. Here I Am
3. Again..
4. Mazeltov
5. All Day Long
6. Be My Girl
7. Love Coach
8. Break Up
9. New Star
10. Man 2 Man
11. Special Day (for ZE:A's)
12. Here I Am (Inst.)

Exciting [Single] (08.07.2011)
1. Intro
2. Watch Out!!
3. Why?
4. Heart For 2

(Japan Release) Watch Out!! ~Netsuai Chuuihou~ [Single] (24.08.2011)
01. Watch Out !! ~熱愛注意報~ (Japanese ver.)
02. Here I am (Japanese ver.)
03. Love Coach (Japanese ver.)
04. Watch Out !!
05. Watch Out !! ~熱愛注意報~ -Instrumental-
06. Here I am -Instrumental-
07. Love Coach -Instrumental-

Daily Daily [Single] (22.11.2011)
1. Daily Daily
2. All Day Long
3. Daily Daily (Instrumental)
4. All Day Long (Instrumental)

Spectacular [Album] (04.07.2012)
01 - Love is Gone
02 - Aftermath
03 - Hunter
04 - Coy Girl
05 - Body To Body
06 - Never End
07 - Begin With Kiss
08 - Daily Daily
09 - Someday...
10 - Dirty Cat
11 - S.A.D (Something In A Dream)
12 - Aftermath (Instrumental)

PHOENIX (Japan Release) [Album] (24.08.2012)
1. PHOENIX (Japanese ver.)
2. Never End (Japanese ver.)
3. Love is Gone
4. Hunter
6. Body to Body
7. Never End
8. Begin with Kiss
9. Dirty Cat
10. S.A.D (Something in A Dream)
11. Wait Yo!! (Japanese ver.)

PHOENIX [Single] (27.08.2012)
1. Intro
3. Various Excuses
4. Aftermath (G thangs R&B Remix)
5. PHOENIX (Inst.)

Arittaun Geol [Digital Single] (2012.12.07)
1. Arittaun Geol (아리따운 걸)

The Classic [JP Single] (2013.02.07)
1.  She`s Gone (Japanese Ver.)
2. Lovely Day (Japanese Ver.)
3. Beautiful Ma Girl (Japanese Ver.)

Voulez-vous [Mini Album] (2013.03.25)
1. Missing You
2. Heeojideon Nal (헤어지던 날; The Day We Broke Up)
3. Fiancee (피앙세)
4. Arittaun Geol (아리따운 걸)
5. Mistake
6. Heeojideon Nal (inst.) (헤어지던 날)
7. Arittaun Geol (inst.) (아리따운 걸)

Oops!! ~Apusa!!~ [JP Single] (2013.06.17)
1. Oops !! ~ アプサ!! ~
2. 今でしょ! 
3. Only One 4 U

Step By Step [Digital Single] (2013.08.01)
1. Step by Step

Illusion [Mini Album] (2013.08.09)
1. Crazy
2. Balamui Yulyeong (바람의 유령; The Phantom Of The Wind)
3. Step By Step
4. U're My Sweety
5. No.1
6. Balamui Yulyeong (Inst.) (바람의 유령)

First Homme [Mini Album] (2014.06.02)
2. Bbi Ggeut Bbi Ggeut (삐끗삐끗; Go Wrong)
3. Sumsori (숨소리; Breath)
4. Bi Teul Bi Teul (비틀 비틀; Stagger)
5. ONE
6. Sumsori (Inst.) (숨소리; Breath)

Roulette [JP Single] (2015.01.21)
1. Roulette (ルーレット)
2. With you
3. ONE (Japanese Version for ZE:A's)
4. Ppeonhanmal (Korean Version) (ポナンマル)
5. Roulette (Inst.)

 Kimi no Soba ni – Love to You – [JP Single] (2015.09.02)
1. 君のそばに~Love to you~
2. Melody of My Life

CONTINUE [Best Of Album] (2015.09.18)
1. Love Coach
2. Mazeltov
3. 하루종일
4. 이별드립
5. Here I Am
6. U`re My Sweety
7. Special Day (For ZE:A`s)
8. Begin With Kiss
9. Daily Daily
10. 비틀비틀
11. ONE
12. 별이 되어… (Someday…)

1. Heart For 2
3. 숨소리
4. 바람의 유령
5. Never End
6. Watch Out!!
7. Body To Body
8. Dirty Cat
9. 삐끗 삐끗
10. 후유증
11. Step By Step

Moon Junyoung
Sweet Home, Sweet Honey OST Part.12
1. 이제는 내가 그대곁에
2. 이제는 내가 그대곁에 (Inst.)

Dong Jun
HEALING [Digital Single] (2016.05.03)
1. Healing (Feat. JANG)

TOO LATE [Single] (2016.05.28)
1. Birth
2. Too Late (늦은후회..) (Feat. 박상준)
3. For My Lady (Feat. Enan)

PRISTIN (프리스틴)

Their name is a mix of the words "prismatic" (bright and clear) and "elastin" (flawless strength). Before their debut they went by the name PLEDIS Girlz, and seven of the ten girls were originally introduced to the public through the Mnet survival show Produce 101.

They disbanded on May 24, 2019

Nayoung (Leader, Lead Dancer, Vocal, Rap)
Roa (Vocal, Visual)
Yuha (Vocal)
Eunwoo (Main Vocal)
Rena (Main Rapper, Vocal, Dance)
Kyulkyung (Main Dancer, Vocal, Face Of The Group)
Yehana (Main Vocal, Lead Dancer)
Sungyeon (Main Vocal)
Xiyeon (Rap, Vocal, Dance, Visual)
Kyla (Rap, Maknae) (Hiatus)

WE [Digital Single] (2016.06.26)
1. WE [MV] / [Practice]

HI! PRISTIN [Mini Album] (2017.03.21)
1. Be the Star
2. WEE WOO [MV] / [Practice]
3. Black Widow
4. Running
5. Over n Over
6. WE

Like a V [Single] (2018.05.28)
1. Ne Meotdaero (Get It) (네 멋대로) [MV] / [Practice]
2. Spotlight

SCHXXL OUT [Mini Album] (2017.08.23)
2. We Like [MV] / [Practice]
3. Aloha
4. Tina (티나)
5. Neomalya Neo (너말야너)