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Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

GP Basic

Zion (Leader, Vocals)
Trinity (Vocals, Lead Rapper)
Amet (Lead Vocals)
Mooi (Main Dancer, Rapper)

Ex./Former Member
Hannah (Leader, Lead Vocals)
Leah (Leader, Main Vocals)
Janey (Main Rapper)

GAME [Single] (2010.08.13)
3. GAME (Remix ver.)
4. LA LA LA (Remix ver.)

I'll Be There [Digital Single] (2010.11.12)
1. I'll Be There

Jelly Pop [Digital Single] (2011.07.14)
1. Jelly Pop

V [Digital Single] (2011.11.23)
1. V

Sicheong Ap Carol [Digital Single] (2011.12.05)
1. 시청 앞 캐롤

Edge Ta [Digital Single] (2012.02.14)
1. Edge 타


JB (Leader, Vocals)
Mark (Vocals, Rapper)
Jackson (Vocals, Rapper, Dancer)
Jr. (Vocals, Dancer)
Young Jae (Vocals)
BamBam (Vocals, Rapper)
Yug Yeom (Vocals, Dancer)

JJ Project
Bounce [Single] (2012.05.20)
1. Bounce
2. Kkochyeosseo (꽂혔어; Hooked)
3. I Noraega Kkeutnagi Jeone (feat. Suzy) (이 노래가 끝나기 전에; Before This Song Ends)
4. Bounce (Inst.)

Got it? [Mini Album] (2014.01.20)
1. Yeoboseyo (여보세요; Hello)
2. Girls Girls Girls
3. Nan Niga Joha (난 니가 좋아; I Like You)
4. Ttarawa (따라와; Follow Me)
5. Like Oh
6. Playground

Got♡ [Mini Album] (2014.06.23)
1. U Got Me
2. A
3. Nappeun Jit (나쁜 짓; Evildoing)
4. Good Tonight
5. Forever Young
6. A ("collapsedone" Remix)
7. A (TOYO Remix)
8. A (FRANTS Remix)

AROUND THE WORLD [JP Digital Single] (2014.09.29)

Identify [Album] (2014.11.20)
1. Haji Hajima (하지하지마; Stop Stop It)
2. Gimme
3. Soni ga (손이 가; Take My Hand)
4. Neoran Girl (너란 Girl; Magnetic Girl)
5. Geunyang oneul Bam (그냥 오늘 밤; Just Tonight)
6. Bollyumeul Ollyeojwo (볼륨을 올려줘; Turn Up The Music)
7. Geudaero Isseodo Dwae (그대로 있어도 돼; Stay Still)
8. Dalbic (달빛; Moonlight)
9. She's a monster
10. Girls Girls Girls
11. A

LOVE TRAIN [JP Digital Single] (2015.06.01)

JUST RIGHT [Mini Album] (2015.07.13)
1. Ttag Joha (Just right) (딱 좋아)
2. Boreumdari Tteugi Jeone (보름달이 뜨기 전에; The Full Moon Before Sunrise)
3. Onmomi Baneunghae (온몸이 반응해; The Body Responded)
4. Nice
5. Mine
6. Back To Me

LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH [JP Single] (2015.09.23)
3. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH (Instrumental)
4. BE MY GIRL (Instrumental)

MAD [Mini Album] (2015.09.30)
1. Niga Hamyeon (니가 하면; If You Do)
2. Son Deuleo (손 들어; Raise Your Hand)
3. Neukkimi Joha (느낌이 좋아; Feels Good)
5. Nunigayo (눈이가요; I Keep Looking)
6. Tic Tic Tok

MAD Winter Edition (Repackage) [Mini Album] (2015.11.23)
1. Gobaeg Song (고백송; Confession Song)
2. Maeil (매일;Everyday)
3. I.Byeol (이.별;To Star)
4. Niga Hamyeon (니가 하면)
5. Son Deuleo (손 들어)
6. Neukkimi Joha (느낌이 좋아)
8. Nunigayo (눈이가요)
9. Tic Tic Tok
10. Niga Hamyeon (Stage Ver.) (니가 하면 (Stage Ver.))

Yo Mori Agatte Yo [JP Digital Single] (2016.01.25)
1. Yo モリアガッテ Yo

Mori↑Gatteyo [JP Album] (2016.02.03)
2. Yo Mori Agatte Yo (Yo モリアガッテ Yo)
9. O.M.G
11. STAY
13. Girls Girls Girls -Japanese ver.-
14. A -Japanese ver.-
15. Stop stop it -Japanese ver.-
16. Just Right -Japanese ver.-

Goo Hye Sun

Daughter OST [Digital Single] (2014.10.17)
1. 꽃비

Daugther OST [Digital Single] (2012.11.12)
1. 죽어야만 하는가요 (Feat. 최인영)

Choi In Young, Goo Hye Sun
소리없이 날 [Digital Single] (2015.12.17)
1. 소리없이 날
2. Let me fly



Park Ji Yeon (Leader, Lead Rapper, Vocal)
ZINNI (Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Sub Vocal)
Dahee (Main Vocal)
Miso (Lead Vocal)

Ex./Former Member
TRINITY (Sub Vocal, Visual, Lead Dancer)

Party (XXO) [Single] (2012.07.16)
1. Party XXO

I Like That [Single] (2013.01.12)
1. I Like That
2. Party (XXO)
3. I Like That (Inst.)
4. Party (XXO) (Inst.)

Geourapeseo [Digital Single] (2013.03.13)
1. 거울앞에서

Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2016

Girl's Day

So Jin (Leader, Lead Vocals)
Min Ah (Main Vocals, Visual)
Yura (Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocals)
Hyeri (Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocals, Maknae)

Ex./Former Member
Ji Sun (Vocals)
Ji In (Main Vocals)

Girl's Day Party #2 [Digital Single] (2010.10.29)
1. 잘해줘봐야

Every Day [Mini Album] (2011.07.06)
1. Young Love (영 러브)
2. Hanbeonman Anajwo (한번만 안아줘; Hug Me Once)
3. Banjjak Banjjak (반짝반짝; Twinkle Twinkle)
4. Jalhaejwo Bwaya (Nothing Lasts Up) (잘 해줘봐야; Nothing Lasts Forever)
5. Hanbeonman Anajwo (Inst.) (한번만 안아줘)

Girl's Day Party #4 [Single] (2011.09.02)
1. Neo, Hannun Paljima! (너, 한눈 팔지마; Don't Let Your Eyes Wander!)
2. Neo, Hannun Paljima! (DJ Stereo Club Mix) (너, 한눈 팔지마)

The S Part.2 [Digital Single] (2012.08.27)
1. Blue Rain 2012
2. Blue Rain 2012 (Inst.)

White Day [Digital Single] (2013.02.21)
1 White Day

Expectation [Album] (2013.03.14)
1. Girl's Day World (Intro)
2. Gidaehae (기대해; Expectation)
3. I Don't Mind
4. Easy Go.
5. Geunyeoreul Midjima (그녀를 믿지마; Don't Trust Her)
6. White Day
7. Eojjeom Joha (어쩜 좋아; Oh, Great!)
8. Banjjak Banjjak (반짝반짝; Twinkle Twinkle)
9. Hanbeonman Anajwo (한번만 안아줘; Hug Me Once)
10. Oh! My God
11. Nareul Itjimayo (나를 잊지마요; Don't Forget Me)
13. Neo, Hannun Paljima! (Remix Club Ver.) (너, 한눈 팔지마; Don't Let Your Eyes Wander!)
14. Gidaehae (MR) (기대해)
15. White Day (MR)

Female President (Repackage) [Album] (2013.06.24)
1. Girl's Day World (Intro)
2. Yeoja Daetongryeong (여자 대통령; Female President)
3. Gidaehae (기대해)
4. I Don't Mind
5. Easy Go.
6. Geunyeoreul Midjima (그녀를 믿지마)
7. White Day
8. Eojjeom Joha (어쩜 좋아)
9. Banjjak Banjjak (반짝반짝)
10. Hanbeonman Anajwo (한번만 안아줘)
11. Oh! My God
12. Nareul Itjimayo (나를 잊지마요)
13. Yeoja Daetongryeong (MR) (여자 대통령)

Girl's Day Party #6 [Single] (2013.07.30)
1. Malhaejwoyo (말해줘요; Please Tell Me)
2. Malhaejwoyo (Inst.) (말해줘요)

Let's Go [Digital Single] (2013.10.15)
1. Let's Go

Every Day III [Mini Album] (2014.01.03)
1. G.D.P intro
2. Something
3. Hwiparam (휘파람; Whistle)
4. Show you
5. Something (inst.)

Summer Party [Mini Album] (2014.07.14)
1. Summer Party (intro) (feat. David Kim)
2. Darling
3. Look at me
4. Timing
5. Darling (Inst.)

Bogosipeo [Mini Album] (2014.10.15)
1. Bogosipeo (보고싶어)
2. Look At Me
3. Show You
4. I Don't Mind
5. White Day

Sojin & 김태범 (파티스트릿) Kim Tae Bum
On Rainy Days [Digital Single] (2015.02.04)
1. 비가 오는 날에는

I am a Woman too [Mini Album] (2015.03.19)
1. Isanghada Cham (Feat. Kanto of TROY) (이상하다 참; It Is Strange)
2. Nado Yeojaeyo (나도 여자에요; I Am a Woman Too)
3. Colorful
4. Isanghada Cham (Inst.)
5. Nado Yeojaeyo (Inst.)

Hello Bubble [Single] (2015.05.12)
1. Helloo Bubble
2. Hello Bubble (Inst.)

Love [Album] (2015.07.06)
1. With Me
2. Ring My Bell (링마벨)
3. Makarong (마카롱; Macaroon)
4. Come Slowly
5. Top Girl
6. Darling
7. Hwiparam (휘파람; Whistle)
8. Look At Me
9. Something
10. Timing
11. Bogosipeo (보고싶어; I Miss You)
12. Show You
13. Hello Bubble
14. Ring My Bell (Inst.)

Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

Gavy NJ

Si Hyun
Jenny (Joined 2012)
Gun Ji (Joined 2012)

Ex./Former Member
Jung Hye Min (2005 - 2009)
Hee Young (2005 - 2011)
Misty (2009 - 2012)
Official Facebook

Vol.1 The Very First [Album] (2005.11.09)
13 Tracks on it ~

Vol.2 The Very Surprise [Album] (2006.11.02)
13 Tracks on it ~

Vol.3 The Beginning [Album] (2008.05.22)
12 Tracks on it ~

Side A : Heartbreak Hotel [Mini Album] (2009.09.24)
08 Tracks on this CD ~

Sun:B Sunflower [Mini Album] (2010.01.21)
08 Tracks on there CD ~

Glossy [Mini Album] (2010.11.24)
07 Track on it ~

Gavy Effect [Mini Album] (2011.05.27)
1. Everyday 
2. 있잖아... (only 희영) 
3. 그댄 나의 Hero (feat.woo-side) (only 시현) 
4. 바래... (only Misty) 
5. 애정만세 
6. 라떼한잔 (feat.길미) 

사랑같은건 없나봐 (There’s No Such Thing as Love) [Single] (2008.07.16)
1. Lie
2. 사랑같은건 없나봐 (우리 결혼했어요 삽입곡)
3. 흔들흔들
4. The Beginning
5. 바이올렛 (너의 노래)

A Cup Of Latte (Repackage) [Album] (2011.01.12)
On this CD are 09 Tracks ~

Gavish [Mini Album] (2012.10.09)
On this CD are 08 Tracks ~

How Are You? [Single] (2014.03.25)
1. 별일 없니
2. 별일 없니 (Inst.)

Jang Hee Young (Gavy NJ), Kim Min Jin (Bubble Sisters)
We Loved Me [Digital Single] (2014.04.22)
1. 우리 사랑했던 날

Pitiful [Single] (2014.09.29)
1 딱해 (Feat. Hip Job)

She [Mini Album] (2014.10.07)
08 Tracks on it ~

My Friend saw you [Digital Single] (2015.04.20)
1. 친구가 널 봤대 (Feat. 힙잡)

Just Friend [Digital Single] (2015.07.10)
1. 여자사람친구  

Sojeong (GODDESS), Gunji (Gavy NJ)
새벽 2시 [Digital Single] (2015.07.22)
1. 새벽 2시 2AM (feat. 제이켠)

Thank You [Digital Single] (2015.10.07)
1. Thank You  (Feat. 장희영, Misty, 정혜민)

The Gavy NJ`s 7th Album Part 1 `Hello` [Album] (2015.11.03)
On this CD are 08 Tracks ~

Gun Ji (Gavy NJ) , Misty
Until This Year [Digital Single] (2015.12.29)
1. 올해까지만