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Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Able / A-ble

Debuted 2010
Label: H Line Entertainment

Lee Joo Ho
Park Chul Woong
Ji Yul
Sung Min

Former Member
Lee Hyo Chan

Jugeunsarang [Single] (2010.11.11)
1. Dead Love (Jugeunsarang)

A-ble's Impact [Mini Album] (2011.11.15)
1. 사랑해 이말밖에
2. 사랑합니다
3. 가니
4. 사랑이 너무 힘들다

Able's 1st Album [Album] (2012.09.07)
1. Mystery
2. Love Is Too Hard
3. Going
4. I Hate You (Dance Version)
5.  Only The Words I Love You
6. Dead Love
7. I Love You
8. For A Week
9. I Hate You

Bbangya [Digital Single] (2015.03.11)
1. 빵야
2. Marry Me

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