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Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

After School

Debuted 2009
Label: Pledis Entertainment

UEE (Vocals, Rap, Visual) [2nd generation]
Raina (Main Vocals) [3rd generation]
Nana (Lead Vocals, Main Rapper, Visual) [3rd generation]
Lizzy (Vocals, Rap) [3rd generation]
E-Young (Vocals, Rap, Lead Dancer) [4th generation]
Ka Eun (Lead Vocals, Lead Rapper) [5th generation]

Graduate/Former Member
So Young (Vocals) [Former]
Jung-A (Leader, Main Vocals, Main Dancer) [1st generation]
Bekah (Vocals, Main Rapper) [Graduate]
Kahi (Leader, Lead Vocals, Lead Rapper, Main Dancer) [Graduate]
Juyeon (Vocals) [Graduate]

New Schoolgirl [Single] (2009.01.15)
1. Play Girlz 
2. AH 
3. Nabbeunnom (나쁜 놈; Bad Guy) 
4. AH (Inst.)

DIVA [Digital Single] (2009.04.09)
2. DIVA (inst.)

Dream Girl [Digital Single] (2009.05.22)
1. Dream Girl
2. Dream Girl (Inst.)

AMOLED [Digital Single] (2009.07.23)
1. AMOLED (아몰레드)
2. AMOLED (Instrumental)

Neo Ttaemune (Because of You) [Single] (2009.11.25)
1. Neo Ttaemune (너 때문에; Because of You)
2. When I Fall
3. Diva
4. Neo Ttaemune (Inst)

Neo Ttaemune (Remix) [Digital Single] (2010.01.22)
1. Neo Ttaemune (Remix)

Bang! [Single] (2010.03.25)
1. Let's Do It!
2. Bang! (뱅!)
3. With U
4. Bang (뱅!) (Inst.)

Hazel Eyes [Single] (2010.12.07)
1. Love Love Love
2. Someone is you
3. Love Love Love (Inst.)
4. Someone is you (Inst.)

VIRGIN [Album] (2011.04.27)
1. Let's Step Up
2. Shampoo
3. Virgin
4. Bang! (2011 New Recording) (뱅!)
5. Play Ur Love
6. Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl Yoon Jo)
7. Neo Ttaemune (2011 New Recording) (너 때문에; Because of You)
8. Sigane Gidaeeo (시간에 기대어; Lean on Time) (Raina solo)
9. Jal Jinaego Itjyo (잘 지내고 있죠; How Are You Doing?)
10. Funky Man (Nana vs Lizzy (feat. Pre-School Girl Kyungmin)
11. My Bell (Jung-A solo)
12. When I Fall (2011 New Recording)
13. Shampoo (Radio Edit)

RED [Single] (2011.07.20)
1. Bam Naneure (밤 하늘에; In the Night Sky)

BLUE [Single] (2011.07.20)
1. Wonder Boy (원더보이)
2. Lady

Bang! [JP Single] (2011.08.17)
1. Bang! <Japan Ver.>
2. Super sexy
3. Bang! <Korea Ver.>
4. Bang! <Japan Ver.> Instrumental
5. Super sexy Instrumental

DIVA [JP Single] (2011.11.23)
1. Diva (Japanese Version)
2. Ready To Love

Rambling girls / Because of you [JP Single] (2012.01.25)
1. Rambling girls
2. Because of you [Japan Ver.]
3. Because of you [Korea Ver.]
4. Rambling girls (Instrumental)
5. Because of you [Japan Ver.] (Instrumental)

PLAYGIRLZ [JP Album] (2012.03.14)
1. Rip off
2. Rambling girls
3. BROKEN HEART feat. Jung-A, Raina, Nana, E-Young
4. Diva [Japan Ver.]
5. Just in time
6. Shampoo [Japan Ver.]
7. Because of you [Japan Ver.]
8. Gimme Love
9. Miss Futuristic feat. Kahi, Juyeon, U-ie, Lizzy
10. Bang! [Japan Ver.]
11. Tell me
12. Shanghai Romance [Japan Ver.] (上海ロマンス) (Orange Caramel)

Lady Luck / Dilly Dally [JP Single] (2012.06.13)
1. Lady Luck
2. Dilly Dally
4. Lady Luck [Instrumental]
5. Dilly Dally [Instrumental]
6. SLOW LOVE [Instrumental]

Flashback [Single] (2012.06.21)
1. Rip Off
2. Flashback
3. Eyeline (Tu Si) (透視(투시)) (Nana solo)
4. Sonmoksigye (손목시계; Wristwatch)
5. Timeless (Jung-A and Raina solo)

THE BEST OF AFTERSCHOOL 2009-2012 -Korea Ver.- [JP Best Of] (2013.03.27)
1. Play Girlz
2. AH
3. Because of you
4. When I fall
5. Diva
6. Bang!
7. Shampoo
8. Into the Night Sky / A.S. RED
9. Wonder Boy / A.S. BLUE
10. LOVE LOVE LOVE (Happy Pledis 2010)
11. Someone is you (Happy Pledis 2010)
12. Love Letter (Happy Pledis 2011) 

Cheot Sarang (First Love) [Single] (2013.06.13)
1. 8 Hot Girl
2. Cheot Sarang (첫사랑)
3. Dressing Room
4. Time's Up
5. Love Beat
6. Hwajangeul Hada Ureosseo (화장을 하다 울었어; Crying While Putting on Makeup) (Jung-A & Raina)

Heaven [Digital Single] (2013.10.02)
1. Heaven
2. Crazy Driver

Shh [Digital Single] (2014.01.29)
1. Shh
2. rock it!

Iljuil (Week) [Digital Single] (2014.02.21)
1. Iljuil (일주일)
2. Iljuil (Inst.) (일주일)

Dress to kill [JP Album] (2014.03.19)
1. Dress code ~Theme of "Dress to kill"~
2. Dress to kill
3. Ms. Independent
4. Triangle
5. Crazy Driver
6. Shh
7. Yes No Yes
8. Heaven
9. in the moonlight
10. rock it!
11. Spotlight
12. Killing eyes ~End of "Dress to kill"~

SHINE [JP Single] (2014.11.19)

The 1st Digital Single ‘Not An Easy Girl’ [Digital Single] (2015.01.23)
1. 쉬운 여자 아니에요 (Feat. 정형돈)

박명수 (Park Myung Soo), 리지 (애프터스쿨) Lizzy (After School)
Goodbye PMS [Digital Single] (2015.02.13)
1. Goodbye PMS

BEST [JP Best Of] (2015.03.18)
1. Bang!
3. Rambling girls
4. Because of you
5. Just in time
6. Lady Luck
7. Dilly Dally
9. Heaven
10. Shh
11. Ms. Independent
13. Bang! [Alternate Ver.]
14. DIVA [Alternate Ver.]
15. Because of you [Alternate Ver.]
16. Just in time [Alternate Ver.]
17. Tell me [Alternate Ver.]
18. Heaven [Shinichi Osawa REMIX]

Raina The 2nd Digital Single `모르겠다` [Digital Single] (2015.11.24)
1. 모르겠다