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Donnerstag, 10. August 2017

Block B

Debuted 2011
Label: Seven Seasons

Taeil (Main Vocals)
Jaehyo (Lead Vocals, Visual)
B-Bomb (Vocals, Main Dancer)
U-Kwon (Vocals, Lead Dancer)
Park Kyung (Lead Rapper)
ZICO (Leader, Main Rapper) [Twitter]
P.O. (Rapper, Maknae)

Do U Wanna B? [Single] (2011.04.14)
1. Wanna B
2. Geudaelo Meomchwola! (그대로 멈춰라!; Freeze in your Position!)
3. Naman Ileongeoya? (나만 이런거야?; Is It Just Me?)

New Kids on the Block [Mini Album] (2011.06.23)
1. Halo
2. Gaseo Jeonhae (가서 전해; Tell Them)
3. U Hoo Hoo
4. Wanna B
5. Geudaero Meomchwora! (그대로 멈춰라!; Freeze in your Position!)
6. Naman Ireongeoya? (나만 이런거야?; Is It Just Me?)
7. Gaseo Jeonhae (inst.) (가서 전해)
8. Geudaero Meomchwora! (inst.) (그대로 멈춰라!)

Welcome to the Block [Mini Album] (2012.02.02)
1. LOL
2. Nanrina (난리나)
3. Haesseo Anhaesseo (했어 안했어; Did You or Did You Not)
4. Singkeuloyul 100% (싱크로율 100%; Synchronization)
5. Action
6. Nanrina (Inst.) (난리나)

"Welcome to the Block" Repackage [Mini Album] (2012.04.30)
1. Nungamajulkke (눈감아줄께; Close My Eyes)
2. Action (Rmx)
3. LOL
4. Singkeuloyul 100% (싱크로율 100%)
5. Action
6. Nanrina (Inst.) (난리나)
7. LOL (Inst.)
8. Singkeuloyul 100% (Inst.) (싱크로율 100%)
9. Nungamajulkke (Inst.) (눈감아줄께)
10. Action (Rmx) (Inst.)

The Thousandth Man OST Part.4 [Digital Single] (2012.09.07)
1. Neoui Usan (너의 우산; Your Umbrella)
2. Neoui Usan (Inst.) (너의 우산)

Blockbuster [Album] (2012.10.17)
1. 11:30
2. Interlude
3. Nillili Mambo (닐리리맘보)
4. Mental Breaker
5. Jangnaneopda (No Joke) (장난없다)
6. Movie's Over
7. Neon Eodie (넌 어디에; Where Are You) (Taeil Solo)
8. Romantic Hage (로맨틱하게; Romantically)
9. Haesseo Anhaesseo (했어 안했어; Did You or Did You Not)
10. Halo
11. Nillili Mambo (Inst.) (닐리리맘보)
12. Mental Breaker (Inst.)

Biti Doeeojwo (Be the Light) [Digital Single] (2013.09.23)
1. 빛이 되어줘

Very Good [Mini Album] (2013.10.02)
1. Very Good
2. Biti Doeeojwo (빛이 되어줘; Be the Light)
3. Eonje Eodiseo Mueoseul Eotteohge (언제 어디서 무엇을 어떻게; When, Where, What and How) 
(with Jo Hyunah of Urban Zakapa) (Park Kyung solo)
4. Nice Day
5. Very Good (inst.)

Jackpot [Single] (2014.04.17)
1. Jackpot
2. Very Good (Rough Ver.)
3. Jackpot (Instrumental)

HER [Mini Album] (2014.07.24)
1. Bogi Deumun Yeoja (보기 드문 여자; Rare Woman)
2. H.E.R
3. Ije Nal Anayo (이제 날 안아요; Hug Me Now)
5. Very Good (Rough Ver.)
6. JACKPOT (Inst.)

Very Good [JP Single] (2015.01.21)
1. Very Good -Japanese Version-
2. NolinA
4. VERY GOOD -Karaoke Version-

Well Done [Single] (2015.02.13)
1. Well Done
2. Well Done (Inst.)

Conduct to Zero [Mini Album] (2015.04.14)
1. 품행제로 (Conduct Zero) *Title
2. 찰리채플린
3. 도둑 (Thief)
4. Nobody But You
5. 배째 (feat. 인크레더블)
6. 품행제로 (inst.)

Life is Ninano [Digital Single] (2015.07.27)
1. 사는게 니나노 (지코 Ver.)

Park Kyung
Ordinary Love [Digital Single] (2015.09.21)
1. 보통연애 (feat. 박보람)

Yes or No [Digital Single] (2015.10.19)
1. Yes or No 

Boys and Girls [Digital Single] (2015.11.03)
1. 날 (Feat. JTONG)
2. Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon)

GALLERY [Mini Album] (2015.12.07)
1. VENI VIDI VICI (Feat. DJ Wegun)
2. 유레카 (Eureka) (Feat. Zion.T)
3. 오만과 편견 (Feat. 수란)
4. Boys And Girls (Feat. Babylon)
5. 날 (Feat. JTONG)
6. 말해 Yes Or No (Feat. PENOMECO, The Quiett)

Break Up 2 Make Up [Single] (2016.01.25)
1. 너는 나 나는 너 (I am You, You are Me)
2. 사랑이었다 (Feat. 루나 (Luna) of f(x))

Blooming Period [Mini Album] (2016.04.11)
1. Myeoc Nyeon Hue (몇 년 후에; A Few Years Later)
2. Toy
3. Sarangieotda (사랑이었다; It Was Love)
4. Walkin' in the rain
5. Binggeul Binggeul (빙글빙글; Round and Round)
6. Myeoc Nyeon Hue (Inst.)

Park Kyung
Inferiority Complex [Digital Single] (2016.06.25)
1. 자격지심 (Feat. 은하 Of 여자친구)

Toy [JP Single] (2016.06.15)
1. Toy (Japanese Version)
2. A Few Years Later (Japanese Version)

BERMUDA TRIANGLE [Digital Single] (2016.11.28)

Park Kyung
OgeulOgeul [Digital Single] (2016.12.19)
1. 오글오글

Park Kyung
NOTEBOOK [Mini Album] (2017.01.17)
2. 너 앞에서 나는 (When I’m with you) (Feat. 브라더수)
5. 잔상 (Feat. 윤현상)

Yesterday [Digital Single] (2017.02.06)

She`s a Baby [Digital Single] (2017.04.13)
1. She`s a Baby

TELEVISION [Mini Album] (2017.07.12)
1. 천재 (Behind the scene)
2. Artist
3. ANTI (Feat. G.Soul)
5. She`s a Baby