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Samstag, 5. Dezember 2015

Brian (Fly to the Sky)

Debuted 2006
Label: Jellyfish Entertainment / (currently under) B YOU Entertainment

THE BRIAN [Album] (2006.12.18)
1. Illyeoneul Gyeoure Sara (일년을 겨울에 살아; Living One Year in Winter)
2. Kajima (가지마; Don't Go)
3. First Date
4. Saranghaji Anheunikkayo (사랑하지 않으니까요; Because I Don't Love You)
5. Darmagagi (닮아가기; Becoming Similar)
6. Haji Mallago (하지 말라고; Don't Do That)
7. Sinsa (신사; Gentleman)
8. Geomeunnunmul (검은눈물; Black Tears)
9. Nunmul Sogeuro (눈물 속으로; Into the Tears)
10. Barae! Barae! (feat. Yoon Dong Hoon Trepass) (바래! 바래!; I Want! I Want!)
11. All I Know
12. Barae! Barae! (Remix) (바래! 바래!; I Want! I Want!)

Manifold [Album] (2009.12.10)
1. Dreaming
2. Nae Yeoja (feat. Supreme Team) (내 여자; My Girl)
3. One Step
4. Erase
5. Tell Me Baby (feat. DAYDAY of Dalmatian)
6. Lock Me Up
7. Bullet
8. Move It
9. Chinguui Yeojareul Saranghaenne (feat. Mithra Jin, Tablo) (친구의 여자를 사랑했네)
10. Nunmuri Mareumyeon... (눈물이 마르면...; Tears Run Dry)
11. Do It (Move It English Ver.)
12. Tears Run Dry (Nunmuri Mareumyeon... English Ver.) (눈물이 마르면...)
13. Bullet (English Ver.)

In My Head [Digital Single] (2010.03.04)
1. In My Head

Jade & Brian
Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong [Digital Single] (2010.11.11)
1. Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong

Propose [Digital Single] (2011.03.28)
1. Shine (On Your Heart)

UNVEILED [Mini Album] (2011.04.07)
1. Nunmurui Guseongyoso (눈물의 구성요소; Components of Tears)  
2. Saranghada Kkeutnasseo (사랑하다 끝났어; Love is Over)  
3. Nado Yaksogi Isseosseumyeon Joketda (나도 약속이 있었으면 좋겠다; I Wish  I Had Dates, Too)  
4. 24  
5. Song 4 U  
6. Domino (Nunmurui Guseongyoso Eng Ver.) (눈물의 구성요소; Components of Tears)  
7. It's Over Now (Saranghada Kkeutnasseo Eng Ver.)) (사랑하다 끝났어; Love is Over)  
8. Saranghada Kkeutnasseo (Instrumental)(사랑하다 끝났어; Love is Over)

ReBorn Part 1 [Mini Album] (2012.01.26)
1. Neo Ttawin Beorigo (Let This Die) (feat. Tiger JK) (너 따윈 버리고; Taking Leave of You)
2. Can't Stop (feat. Jay Park, Beenzino)
3. Don't Tell Me I'm Wrong (Duet With Jade Valerie)
4. Let This Die (Extended Eng Ver.) (feat. Flowsik)
5. Can't Stop (Eng Ver.) (feat. Jay Park, Dumbfoundead)
6. Domino (Acoustic Ver.)
7. Neo Ttawin Beorigo (inst.)

Singing Praise (Loving the Silent Tears the Musical OST) [Digital Single] (2013.04.10)
1. Singing Praise
2. Singing Praise (Alt Mix)

The Artist Diary Project Part.3 [Digital Single] (2013.08.21)
1. Pretty Woman (feat. Mario)
2. Pretty Woman (Inst.)
3. Pretty Woman (Eng Ver.)
4. Pretty Woman (Eng Ver.) (Inst.)