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Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

Chung Ha Yoon

Vocal: Chung Ha Yoon

Secret Garden OST Part.4 [Single] (2010.12.27)
1. 너는 나의 봄이다
2. 나타나 (Female Ver.)
3. You Are My Everything

Secret Garden [Single] (2011.01.13)
1. you are my everything (rap ver.) (feat. 슈퍼창따이)
2. 사랑해요
3. 너를 잃고
4. You Are My Everything  (시크릿 가든 OST 삽입곡)
5. 사랑해요 (inst.)
6.  you are my everything  (song inst.)

The Lady [Single] (2012.07.19)
[Single] Chung Ha Yoon - The Lady
01 사랑하고 있는데
02 The Lady
03 The Lady (Latin ver.)
04 The Lady (English ver.)
05 The Lady (Latin English ver.)

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