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Donnerstag, 24. Dezember 2015

Kim Bo Kyung

Sony Music Korea (2010-2013)
Kemical SoundZ (CJ E&M) (2014-present)

Known from Superstar K 2

Start Up [Single] (2014.06.20)
1. 너와 나를 기억해
2. 대한민국이다
3. 너와 나를 기억해 (Inst.)
4. 대한민국이다 (Inst.)

Kim Bo Kyung & Danny Ahn
Memories [Single] (2014.09.11)
1. Memories

Winter Story [Single] (2014.12.22)
1. Say Something

Confession [Single] (2015.03.06)
1. 고백하는거야

When the rains come [Single] (2015.07.09)
1. 너를 위한 노래야 (When the rains come)

Addicted [Single] (2015.12.21)
1. 버릇처럼

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