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Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

Lee Hyori

Vocal: Lee Hyori

Stylish....E [Album] (18.08.2003)
1. Prologue (Drum&Bass)
2. One two three N'four
3. Babochorom (Sadness)
5. Orum
6. Eve, Nagwone Jamdulda
7. Remember Me
8. Onultara
9. Do Me
10. Hey Girl
11. Jiwoboryo
12. Onu Chejuba
13. Only One
14. Mianheyo (Ghost)

Any Motion [Single] (02.05.2005)
1. Anymotion

Any Club [Single] (26.10.2005)
1. anyclub

Dark Angel [Album] (11.02.2006)
1. Get Ya`
2. Gipi
3. Straight Up
4. Dark Angel
5. Dear Boy
6. Gyeoul siseon
7. Closer
8. Humcheobogi
9. Shall We Dance?
10. No Ye
11. E.M.M.M
12. 2 Faces
13. Majimak insa

Lee HyoRi (Korea) ft Will Pan (Taiwan) – CF Hyundai i30 [Single] (11.09.2009)
01 - As Long As You Love Me

Vol. 4 - H-Logic [Album] (14.04.2010)
01 - I'm Back
02 - Love Sign -Feat by 상추(Mighty Mouth)
03 - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Feat by Ceejay of Freshboyz
04 - Feel The Same
05 - Bring It Back -Feat by After School's Bekka, 4Minute's Jun Ji Yoon
06 - Highlight -Feat by Bizzy
07 - Swing -Feat by LeeSsang's Gaery
08 - Scandal
09 - 100 Percent
10 - Want Me Back
11 - How Did We Get -Duet by Big Bang's Dae Sung
12 - So cold
13 - Get 2 Know -Feat by Double K
14 - MEMORY -Feat by Bizzy

Miss Korea [Digital Single] (2013.05.06)
1. 미스코리아 (Miss Korea)

Vol.5 MONOCHROME [Album] (2013.05.21)
1. Holly Jolly Bus feat. Soon Shim the Dog
2. Miss Korea (미스코리아)
3. Love Radar feat. Beenzino
4. Bad Girls
5. Naega Miwoyo (내가 미워요; I Hate Myself)
6. Sarangui Budosupyo (사랑의 부도수표; Bounced Checks of Love)
7. Full Moon
8. Trust Me
9. Special
10. Amor Mio feat. Park Ji Young
11. Nugunga (누군가; Somebody)
12. Mudji Aneulgeyo (묻지 않을게요; Wouldn't Ask You)
13. Michyeo feat. Ahn Young Mi (미쳐; Crazy)
14. Show Show Show (쇼쇼쇼)
15. Better Together
16. No (노; Oar)