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Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2015

Lee Young Hyun

Vocal: Lee Young Hyun

Its You [Single] (2014.02.28)
1. 너 잖아
2. 너 잖아 (Inst.)

Good Luck [Single] (2014.09.15)
1. 가을냄새 (Feat. 에디킴)
2. 가을냄새 (Inst.)

Lee Young Hyun, So Hyang 
Beside You [Single] (2014.12.30)
1. 곁
2. 곁 (Inst.)

왼손 [Single] (2015.02.25)
1. 왼손 (Feat. 신지후 Of 포스트맨)
2. 왼손 (Inst.)

Like A Fool [Single] (2015.05.29)
1. 바보 같은 건 (Feat. 정형돈)

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