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Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2015


Debuted 2009 (mostly Active in Japan)
Label: Rhythm REPUBLIC (sub label of Avex) / avex trax (Major Debut)

Vocal: In Seok
Vocal: Chang Hyun
Vocal: Min Ho
Vocal: Hyung Jun
Vocal: Jin Seok

Gijukjima [Mini Album] (2013.07.10)
1. 기죽지마
2. Forever With You
3. Summer Sweet
4. Scream
5. 만지고 싶어
6. Boom Boom Boom
7. 구해줘
8. 기죽지마 (inst.)
9. Forever With You (inst.)

So In LUV [Single] (2013.11.08)
1. So In Luv
2. Hey Girl

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