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Freitag, 18. Dezember 2015


Vocal: Kim Sung Won
Vocal: Park Kyung Wook

Ready To Shot [Mini Album] (24.02.2006)
01. Intro - Fasten Your Seat Belt ft. DJ Wreckx
02. 언터쳐블 (Untouchable)
03. Back Off ft. Vasco
04. S.O.B - Spot Of Brokerz ft. JOOSUC,The Quiett,E-SENS,9c
05. 언터쳐블 (Untouchable) (Remix)

It's Okay [Single] (10.10.2008)
1. Untouchable ft. Hwayobi - It's Okay
2. Untouchable ft. Song Ji Eun - Dajulkke (Give My All)

Vol 01 - Quiet Storm [Album] (09.01.2009)
01. Quiet storm 
02. Tell me why(feat.화영) 
03. Driving me crazy(feat.화영) 
04. it's okay(feat.화요비) 
05. this is love 
06. 우리 그때처럼(feat.화영) 
07. 비행(feat,정현) 
08. Back again(feat.화영) 
09. 다줄께(feat.송지은) 
10. only U(feat.샛별) 
11. 365일(feat.화요비) 
12. top sweety 
13. 독약(feat.outlaw,mellow) 

First Mini Album [Mini Album] (09.06.2009)
1. Wassup
2. Oh
3. 월요병 (ft. 화영)
4. Change The World
5. My Boo (ft. 전효성, 한선화)

Second Mini Album [Mini Album] (04.02.2010)
01. I’m Runnin’
02. 나를 떠나지마 (feat. Lee Hyun Of 8Eight)
03. Rainy Day (feat. Vasco)
04. 가슴에 살아 (feat. Narsha Of Brown Eyed Girls)
05. 너는 왜 나는 왜 (feat. Hwa Young)

Jiggy Get Down [Single] (18.11.2010)
1. Jiggy Get Down

Who's Hot [Album] (02.12.2010)
01 We Got Time
02 난리 브루스 (Feat. Vasco)
03 Hit D' Club (Feat. B-Free & Beenzino)
04 Feelin Good (Feat. Chance & Peter of Oneway)
05 Talk To Me
06 MC (Feat. Loptimist & DJ Wegun)
07 I m A Balla (Feat. Marvel. J & Jepp Blackman & 화영 & Broken Lips)
08 Jiggy Get Down (Feat. Marco & Big Tray & Deepflow & 9C & Basick & Elly & Joe Brown & Woo-Side & Vasco)
09 Baby Girl
10 Makin Move Makin HOT
11 멋진 꿈 (Feat. Paloalto)
12 Get Up (Feat. Eluphant)

3rd Mini Album [Mini Album] (30.12.2010)
01 단 한사람 (Feat. Mellow)
02 잘해준게 없어서 (Feat.Gyu Lin)
03 미안해
04 The Way I Feel (Feat.김현아)

You You [Single] (04.03.2011)
1. You You

Call Me [Single] (2013.07.12)
1. 연락 좀 자주 해 (feat. 앤드류 최)
2. Lucky Man (feat. 화영)

Trip [Mini Album] (2013.11.11)
1. Trip
2. No Make Up
3. 배인 (Vain) (Feat. Koonta Of Rude Paper)
4. Keep In Touch (feat. 도희)
5. 연락 좀 자주해 (feat. 앤드류 최)

Take Out [Single] (2014.06.24)
1. TAKE OUT (feat. 메이슨 더 소울)
2. 이상해 (Irony)
3. TAKE OUT (inst.)

I See the Path [Digital Single] (2014.11.07)
1. 길이 보여 (feat. 바스코, 기리보이)

Clock Work [Digital Single] (2014.12.03)
1. Clockwork (feat. Babylon)

Cigarette & Liquor [Single] (2015.01.16)
1. 거꾸로 문 담배 (feat. Outlaw)
2. 술 취했어
3. 거꾸로 문 담배 (inst.)
4. 술 취했어 (inst.)

Mask On [Digital Single] (2015.02.24)
1. Mask On

Hellven [Mini Album] (2015.03.18)
1. Paper Trap (feat. G2, DJ Wegun)
2. Mask On
3. 크레파스
4. 그냥 가 (feat. Loco)
5. 길이 보여 (feat. Vasco, Giriboy)
6. Clock Work (feat. Babylon)
7. We Done Came Up (feat. Mayson The Soul)

SLEEPY, Song Ji Eun (Secret)
Cool Night [Digital Single] (2015.06.16)
1. 쿨밤

F/W [Single] (2015.10.20)
1. 기분탓 (feat. 백아연)
2. 이태원역 2번출구 (feat. 베이식)