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Samstag, 30. Januar 2016

A June & J Beat

By Destiny [Album] (2015.01.12)
1. Seasons Change (Feat. Kasper, CL a.k.a Chaotic Lynk)
2. Season In The Sun
3. Brooklyn Love (Feat. Eaze a.k.a DJ Ezasscul) (Hidden Mix)
4. When I Was Your Man
5. A Night In Jeon Ju
6. Blazin` (Feat. CL a.k.a Chaotic Lynk)
7. Christmas Miracle
8. Need You Forever (Feat. Vick D)
9. After Play
10. See What I`m Saying (Feat. Substantial)
11. Path To Destiny (Feat. JonWonder, Numatik) (Bonus Track)

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