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Montag, 18. Januar 2016

C-REAL (씨리얼)

Label: N.A.P. Entertainment
Official Fanclub: C-REALing

Chemi (Leader, Main Vocal)
Effie (Vocal)
Ann J (Lead Vocal)

Former Member
Redee (Vocal, Main Rapper)
Lenny (Vocal)

Round 1 [Mini Album] (2011.10.12)
1. C-REAL Intro
2. No No No No No
3. No Thank U
4. Geuleoji Jom Ma (그러지 좀 마; Don't Do That)
5. Mwoya Mwoya (뭐야, 뭐야; How Come)
6. Nae Namja Chinguegen (내 남자 친구에겐; To My Boyfriend)

Love Diary [Mini Album] (2012.03.07)
1. Love Diary
2. Joma Joma
3. Johahae? Saranghae? (좋아해? 사랑해?; Like Me? Love Me?)
4. Mame Deundago (맘에 든다고; Suits My Taste)
5. Nappeun Aecheoreom (나쁜 애처럼; Like a Naughty Child)
6. Joma Joma (Tap Cut Ver.) (Inst.)

Sorry But I [Single] (2012.05.16)
1. Sorry But I
2. Sorry But I (Inst.)

Danger Girl [Single] (2012.12.14)
1. Danger Girl
2. Danger Girl (Inst.)

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