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Mittwoch, 5. September 2018


Label: Amuse Inc. (KR/JP) / Universal J (Japan)
Official Fanclub: CandY (CROSS GENE and You)

In January 2013, it was announced that J.G. had left the group to pursue solo activities, and that he was replaced by new member Seyoung.

Sangmin (Rapper, Lead Dancer) 
Shin (Vocal, Visual) 
Yongseok (Main Vocal) 
Seyoung (Lead Vocal)

Former Member
Casper (Main Rapper, Main Dancer) 
Takuya (Leader, Vocal, Visual) 

Timeless: Begins [Mini Album] (2012.06.08)
1. One Way Love
2. Sky High
3. For This Love
4. La-Di Da-Di (라-디 다-디)
5. My Lady
6. La-Di Da-Di (Inst.) (라-디 다-디)

Sky High [Digital Single] (2012.07.30)
1. Sky High

TIMELESS -FUTURE- [JP Mini Album] (2012.11.21)
1. La-Di Da-Di (Japanese Ver.)
2. Sky High (Japanese Ver.)
3. One Way Love (Japanese Ver.)
4. For This Love (Japanese Ver.)
5. New Days
6. La-Di Da-Di (Instrumental)
7. New Days (Instrumental)

Shooting Star [JP Single] (2013.03.13)
1. Shooting Star (Korean Ver.)
2. Shooting Star (Japanese Ver.)

CRAZY [Digital Single JP] (2013.05.29)
1. Crazy

Dirty Pop [Digital Single JP] (2013.08.01)
1. Dirty Pop

SPECIAL PHOTO BOOK CD "WITH U" [JP Mini Album] (2013.08.22)
01. CRAZY (Japanese Version)
02. CRAZY (English Version)
03. Dirty Pop (Japanese Version)
04. Dirty Pop (Korean Version)
05. PAGE OF LOVE (Korean Version)
FH (Only on request, Seen from Germany only rarely to be found online.)

MY LOVE SONG [Digital Single JP] (2013.10.16)
1. My Love Song (JP)

Page of Love [Digital Single JP] (2013.11.13)
1. Page of Love (KR. Ver.)

Amazing -Bad Lady- [Digital Single] (2014.06.09)
1. Amazing -Bad Lady-

Not Yet A Boy, Not Yet A Men [Digital Single] (2014.11.10)
1. 어려도 남자야  

Future [JP Single] (2015.01.14)
1. Future
2. Billion Dolla
3. Future (Inst.)
4. Billion Dolla (Inst.)

Play With Me [Mini Album] (2015.04.13)
01. Amazing -Bad Lady-
02. Watch Out
03. My Love Song
04. 나하고 놀자 (Play With Me) *Title
05. 어려도 남자야 (I’m Not A Boy Not Yet A Man)
06. Holiday

sHi-tai! [Digital JP Single] (2015.09.28)
1. sHi-tai!

Love & Peace / sHi-tai! [JP Single] (2015.10.07)
1. Love & Peace
2. sHi-tai!

GAME [Mini Album] (2016.01.21)
1. Hey You, Noona!
2. My Face
3. Kki
4. I'll be fine
5. Mr. Secret

MIRROR [Mini Album] (2017.02.08)
1. Black or White
2. Black mind
3. White mind
4. 연애지침서
5. Black or White (Inst.)
6. 연애지침서 (Inst.)

Zero [Mini Album] (2018.05.08)
1. Dystopia
2. 달랑말랑
3. Believe Me
4. 비상
5. 달랑말랑 (Inst.)
6. 비상 (Inst.)

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