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Freitag, 8. Januar 2016


Crush on You [Album] (2014.06.05)
1. 눈이 마주친 순간 (I Fancy You)
2. A Little Bit (Feat. Lydia Paek)
3. Hey Baby (Feat. Zion. T)
4. Whatever You Do (Feat. Gray)
5. 밥맛이야 (Feat. Kumapark)
6. 아름다운 그대 (Feat. CHOIZA)
7. 원해
8. Hug Me (Feat. Gaeko)
9. Give It To Me (Feat. Jay Park , Simon Dominic)
10. Friday야 (Feat. Jinbo)
11. 가끔 (Sometimes)

OASIS [Digital Single] (2015.07.09)
1. You and I
2. Oasis (Feat. ZICO)

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