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Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016

Fly To The Sky


Vol.1 Day By Day [Album] (1999.12.00)
1. Intro 
2. In My Dream (Feat. H.O.T) 
3. Day By Day 
4. I Don't Wanna Say Good-Bye 
5. Fly To The Sky 
6. Wanna Be With You 
7. Everything.... 
8. 내겐 너무 예쁜 그대 (Beautiful) 
9. 사랑을 닮은 노래 (A Song For Love) 
10. Warning 
11. Love Forever 
12. In My Dream (Extended Version)

Vol.2 Yaksok (Promise) [Album] (2001.02.03)
1. Yaksok (The Promise) (약속)
2. A Confession (Gobaeg) (고백)
3. What U Want
4. I Want (feat. Kangta and BoA)
5. I Want You I Need You (feat. Kim Jo Han)
6. Retry
7. Always Together
8. Maybe God Knows
9. In Your Eyes
10. Crystal (feat. Jin Ju)
11. Don't Forget Me
12. Shy Love
13. Baby Love
14. Should I Stay...
15. Yaksok (Booty Mix) (약속)

Vol.3 Sea of Love [Album] (2002.04.26)
1. Sea of Love
2. Condition of My Heart
3. Rains
4. Geudaereul (I know..but..) (그대를...; You...)
5. Future Tonight
6. Say My Name
7. Trust
8. No More Games
9. In Love
10. How many nights how many days
11. All My Love
12. Minutes
13. Wonmang (Tragic Love) (원망; Resentment)
14. Sea of Love (Fany Version)

Vol.4 Missing You [Album] (2003.07.07)
1. Hu (Intro) (후; After)
2. Missing You
3. Han (한; Grudge)
4. Seubgwan (습관; Habit)
5. 2 Become 1
6. Magic Song
7. Still
8. Only One
9. Good to You
10. You
11. My Love
12. I'm Gonna (Streaming TRAX)
13. Baby Baby Baby

Vol.5 Gravity [Album] (2004.11.08)
1. Stay
2. Jungnyeog (Gravity) (중력)
3. Geudaeneun Moreujyo (Good-bye) (그대는 모르죠; You Don't Know)
4. Old Skool Love
5. Yeolgamgi (Rest of My Life) (열감기)
6. Hanchami Jinado (If You Go Away) (한참이 지나도; Even If A Long Time Passes)
7. Take A Bow
8. Sarangeul Moreuda... (Monologue) (사랑을 모르다...; Don't Know Love...)
9. Tell Me
10. My Neverending Story
11. For You

Best Album Eternity [Album] (2005.05.24)
CD 1
1 . 별...(Like Shining Stars...) 
2 . Missing you 
3 . Sea of Love 
4 . 그대는 모르죠(Good Bye) 
5 . Day by Day 
6 . Maybe GOD knows 
7 . 그대를...(I know...but...) 
8 . 습관 (Poison Ivy) 
9 . Blind 
10 . Forever 
11 . 약속 (The Promise) 
12 . Trust 
13 . 중력 (Gravity) 
14 . Condition of My Heart 
15 . Fly to the Sky 
16 . Real Love 

CD 2 
1 . Little Step 
2 . 한참이 지나도 (If you go away) 
3 . In Your Eyes 
4 . Magic Song 
5 . 이젠 모두 잊고 싶어요 
6 . 사랑을 모르다....(Monologue) 
7 . 원망(Tragic Love) 
8 . Stay 
9 . A Confession(고백) 
10 . Dong Care No More... 
11 . 2 become 1 
12 . Destiny 
13 . For You 
14 . What U want 
15 . My love 
16 . Eternity 

Transition Special Edition (Repackage) [Album] (2006.05.04)
1. Be With You
2. Pi (피 (避); Avoid)
3. Namjadapge (남자답게; Like A Man)
4. Norangnabi (Yellow Butterfly) (노랑나비)
5. Bilgo Tto Bireodo (빌고 또 빌어도; No Matter How I Wish and Wish)
6. Haruga Ga... (하루가 가...; A Day Goes By...)
7. Saranghaeyo Uri (feat. Gummy) (사랑해요 우리; Let's Love)
8. Dasi Doraon Neoege (다시 돌아온 너에게; To You, Who's Come Back)
8. The Girl Is Mine (feat. Lisa & J.Ho)
9. Pokpung Soge Nae Ireum Bulleojugil (폭풍 속에 내 이름 불러주길; Call My Name Out During A Storm)
10. Question
11. Shimjang (심장 (♡障); Heart)
12. Hwansang (환상; Illusion)
13. Hot & Cool
14. When I Say

Vol.7 No Limitations [Album] (2007.07.04)
1. Saranghae (사랑해; I Love You)
2. My Angel
3. Gieokhanjum (기억한줌; Handful of Memories)
4. Gajil Su Eobseodo (가질 수 없어도; Even If I Can't Have You)
5. Miwohaejwo (미워해줘; Please Hate Me)
6. Namgyeojin Saram (남겨진 사람; The One Left Behind)
7. Let's get it on
8. Man 2 Man
9. 3beonjjae Nal (3번째 날; The Third Day)
10. Gyeolhonhajima (결혼하지마; Don't Marry Him)
11. Geuraedo Sarangimnida (feat. Heritage) (그래도 사랑입니다; It's Still Love)
12. Oneuldo Ippeungeol (오늘도 이쁜걸; Pretty Today Too)
13. Kissing you (feat. Issac Squab of Trespass)
14. Gabyeoun Sarang (feat. Hyun Mu & TKO of Trespass) (가벼운 사랑; Shallow Love)

Recollection [Cover Album] (2008.04.23)
1. Haengbogeul Juneun Saram (행복을 주는 사람; A Person Who Gives Happiness) (Original: Sunflower)
2. Chwijungjindam (feat. AND) (취중진담; Drunken Truth) (Original: Jeon Ram Hui)
3. Majimak Sarang (마지막 사랑; Last Love) (Original: Park Ki Young)
4. Hoesang (회상; Recollection) (Original: Turbo)
5. Ibamui Kkeuteul Japgo (이밤의 끝을 잡고; Holding On To The End Of The Night) (Original: Solid)
6. Dalpaengi (달팽이; Snail) (Original: Panic)
7. Sesang Kkeuteseoui Sijak (Brian Solo) (세상끝에서의 시작; Start at the End of the World) (Original: Kim Min Jong)
9. Sowon (Fany Solo) (소원; Wish) (Original: Ji Young Sun)
10. Nae Nunmul Moa (내 눈물 모아; Collect My Tears) (Original: Seo Ji Won)
11. Han Jangui Chueok (한장의 추억; A Page Of Memory) (Original: COOL)

Vol.8 Decennium [Album] (2009.02.12)
1. Decennium
2. Gusok (구속; Restriction)
3. Close to You (feat. Dynamic Duo)
4. Gabeoryeo Neo (가버려 너; Just Go, You)
5. Good Girl
6. Song for You
7. Jeulgyeochatgi (feat. Gary of Leessang) (즐겨찾기; Favorites)
8. Sul (술; Alcohol)
9. Majimak Gido (마지막 기도; Last Prayer)
10. Sarangigetji (사랑이겠지; It Must Be Love)
11. Nunmura Mianhae (눈물아 미안해; I'm Sorry, Tears)
12. Oneumpyo (온음표; Whole Note)

Vol.9 CONTINUUM [Album] (2014.05.20)
1. We 
2. 너를 너를 너를 (Title) 
3. 니목소리 
4. 전화하지말아요 
5. So cool 
6. 너 
7. 알 수 없는 이별 (Feat.김나영) 
8. 십년이지나도 
9. Kiss & Saygoodbye 
10. 거짓말 같다

Back in Time [Best Album] (2014.09.13)
1. Sea of Love
2. Gaseum Apado (가슴 아파도, Even Though My Heart Hurts)
3. Missing You
4. Namjadapge (남자답게; Like A Man)
5. Geudaeneun Moreujyo (그대는 모르죠; You Don't Know)
6. Seubgwan (습관; Habit)
7. Day by Day
8. Gaseum Apado (가슴 아파도, Even Though My Heart Hurts) (Inst.)
9. Missing You (Inst.)
10. Day by Day (Inst.)

Love & Hate [Mini Album] (2015.09.14)
1. Geureoke Dwaesseo (그렇게 됐어; It Happens To Be That Way)
2. Miwohaeya Handamyeon (미워해야 한다면; If I Have To Hate You)
3. Once Again
4. Nappeun Jasik (나쁜자식; Bad Guy)
5. Stop Time

Lena Park & Fly to the Sky
겨울이야기 [Digital Single] (2015.12.08)
1. 겨울이야기