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Montag, 11. Januar 2016


Label: DreamT Entertainment
As of late 2014, the duo has not been active, and their information has been removed from the DreamT Entertainment website, concluding that they disbanded.

Official Fanclub: GEMINIS


Neoreul Hyanghan Maeum (Cause Of U) [Digital Single] (2013.02.14)
1. Neoreul Hyanghan Maeum (너를 향한 마음)
2. Neoreul Hyanghan Maeum (Inst.) (너를 향한 마음)

The First Mini Album L.A.D [Mini Album] (2013.12.03)
1. Jeonhwabadjima (전화받지마; Don't Answer The Phone)
2. Geuttaega Johasseo (그때가 좋았어; Those Were The Days)
3. Neoreul Hyanghan Maeum (너를 향한 마음; Cause of U)
4. Ijen Saranghallae (이젠 사랑할래; I'll Love You)
5. Jeonhwabadjima (inst.) (전화받지마)

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